Happy Hump Day!

Wednesday, what a happy day 🙂 Halfway through the week, edging ever closer to the weekend. This weekend holds a 65 mile bike on Saturday, and an 11 mile run and long swim on Sunday. 65 miles will be the furthest I’ve ever cycled, a bit scary when you think it’s 9 weeks until Ironman!!!

It keeps dawning on me what I’m preparing to do, both what a huge task I’ve set myself and how much of an achievement it will be to cross the finish line, regardless of time. I’ve realized over the last few months, since running the London Marathon back in April when talking about running a marathon someone said “Wow, that is amazing, you’re so inspiring”, that actually it is quite a feat. There’s not many people who can say they’ve run a marathon, even less that can say they’ve run 9 at age 27 and even fewer that have even considered attempting an Ironman.

Which brings me to my next thought, for my first Ironman should I worry about what time I complete it in, or simply the fact that I’m planning to attempt the unthinkable for most? I have two types of friends, the triathlete/ runner set and the ‘normal’ “I think you’re mental” set. It’s all too easy to get caught up in thinking about times as we do within the running and triathlon community, the first question after completing a race is usually “what was your time” or “where did you finish” when really, shouldn’t it be “did you enjoy it” or “how did it go”? My non-runner friends aren’t really interested in times or finish positions, they’re usually interested in the fact that I finished, and whether I enjoyed the event which is refreshing.

I think the answer to this question is that I’m competitive, especially with myself, and I want to do well not only for myself but also to make my family and friends proud of me. I’ve thought about the time that I’d hope to finish in, but in reality you just don’t know what’s going to happen especially when there’s a bike involved. I think for Ironman Number One I’m going to try and be happy with whatever I manage, let’s face it I’m not going to win, or come close to a qualifying spot for Kona. But most of all I need to make peace with this decision, which might mean I enjoy the event a little more.

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