Taper Time…

So I’ve been rather quiet on the blogging front the last week, mainly because I found my training mojo… I don’t know where it was hiding but it’s come back, just in time for a taper!

Last weekend wasn’t quite as productive as I would have hoped, but I managed a 4km open water swim in just over an hour, followed by a measley 25 miles on the bike… I’ve still got a looooooong way to go! BUT I managed it in exactly the same time I raced in at Deva, so that’s a bonus! So far this week I’ve clocked  a 1 hour stint on the turbo, 3km in the pool and another 3km in the lake and 11 miles of running… Tapering is going nicely.

The swims felt good, it’s always been my favourite of the three disciplines, there’s something so very calming and peaceful about open water swimming which makes me love it even more. I could quite happily swim and swim and swim!

As for the bike, I know I’ve not done anywhere near enough preparation and it’s something I need to work on… ALOT! After this weekend’s 70.3 I plan to hit the bike hard, sacrificing social life for a few weeks just to get some bike miles in. 7 weeks to go should hopefully be enough time to get some tiny but of bike fitness up. Fingers crossed… Not really the way I’d hoped to be approaching an Ironman!

The two runs so far this week have been really enjoyable, apart from one slight issue… My tummy. Being blessed with an inflammatory bowel disease isn’t the best genetic makeup for an endurance athlete…! But despite not feeling 100% I thoroughly enjoyed my 6 miles before work on Tuesday, there’s something really satisfying about getting up and out before anyone else, it means you can feel smug all day that (at least some of) your training is done! Wednesday night I did a 5 mile trail run at a local forest/ woodland nearby. It’s organized by one of the local running clubs and is a three race series, it’s pretty good and there’s some rather brutal hills involved. I was chuffed as last night I ran 42:02 for 5.32 miles (not particularly fast I know), but it was 2:30 faster than the last time I did it and it felt strong and relatively comfortable… On the minimal training that I’ve been doing! Something must be working!!

The rest of the taper involves another 6 mile run tomorrow morning, a possible swim tomorrow evening and that’s about it until race day… Ironman 70.3 UK down in Exmoor.

So I’m trying to be good with food, those who know me will know what a food monster I am and the past couple of days I’ve reeeeally missed my chocolate… 220 triathlon even did a ‘3 on test’ on chocolate and Dairy Milk made it in therefore it must be acceptable!

Well tomorrow is a new day and another chance to start again and try to be super clean. 

Thanks for stopping by to sift through the waffling of a ravenous pathetic attempt for a triathlete!

K x


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