Friday… Finally! My second favorite ‘F’ word, after Food obviously!

What a week. I’ve only managed one swim, one bike and one run session, just feels like I’ve lost my training mojo. It’s gone far far away and needs to return pretty sharpish! Aiming for a big training weekend and a good few miles on the bike, so hopefully my confidence will be restored.

Confidence… Feels like I’ve forgotten what that is and all aspects of life really at the moment. I’ve been questioning my triathlon ability and fitness and pretty much everything else too a lot the last few weeks. It’s funny how you can go from feeling super confident and excited to really low and uninspired so quickly. I just haven’t felt like training. Trying to juggle work, triathlon training, keeping on top of food/ diet and general daily life, as well as spending time with people who are important to me has started to prove a bit of a challenge.To top it off I’ve had a lot of pain this week, largely in my hands and elbows… Great. It’s a weird sharp but dull kind of pain which I should probably go back and have checked out again, especially as it’s now pretty much constant and starting to affect my mood a little bit 😣 I’m part of a fantastic group of ladies on Facebook called #teamtwinkle – great name eh, but everyone is so supportive and encouraging, we’re all aiming for 70.3 or IM distance races and it’s somewhere to air thoughts, worries, emotion, stresses and triumphs with a bunch of like minded people where you don’t get the p**s ripped out of you. Those ladies are so supportive it’s awesome how much better a few words of kindness and encouragement can make you feel, even if they’re from complete strangers.

But hey, it’s Friday and that means the weekend which is only a good thing. Plus I’m feeling a lot more positive today, which bodes well for some good training this weekend… Fingers crossed eh?

I have a postcard on my desk at work, a little daily motivation that says “I can and I will” I think I need to take note of that. I definitely can do this, and I most definitely will.

A COFFEE DATE // Carrie Green | #thehustleproject - Anelise Salvo Design Co.Happy Friday, and thanks for stopping by!

K x


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