Nothing’s impossible… The word itself says ‘I’m Possible’


Well, what a week it was last week. Training mojo is well and truly restored, just frustrating it’s limited to the turbo trainer! Last week I managed an hour each morning before work, helped no end by a number of Gossip Girl episodes… The next few weeks will get me through a few of these I reckon!

Saturday saw a 2 hour session, covering approximately 40 miles.

Sunday was the big one.

I had entered an 85 mile sportive, the Wiggle Magnificat, with Simon however not being able to cycle outside put an end to that. My housemate took my place and off the boys went on Sunday morning. I wasn’t going to be out done, so I donned my cycling gear, grabbed some snacks and water (and my iPad for yet more Gossip Girl) and hopped on my bike ready to tackle 85 miles.

In a garage.

On my own.

The next few hours were some of the most mentally challenging I have encountered. Not to mention dull, and physically demanding.

85 miles is the furthest I have ever cycled, by a good 30 miles!! Needless to say it was a challenge, but I knew it was one I needed to overcome, 6 weeks out from Ironman I should be cycling this sort of distance on a regular basis!

About time I got on with it really.

So 4 oat cookies (homemade and sugar free!), gluten free oatcakes and 4 bottles of water later, I climbed off my bike, sweat soaked and satisfied. 85 miles completed in 4:44 with an average pace of 17.9 mph. I’ll take that 🙂

So this week will be more of the same, early mornings, turbo sessions and a lot of walking. I’ve got two physio sessions and want to see if I can try starting a little bit of run/walk intervals. I always find my running fitness vanishes so much quicker than it appears so it would be good to see if I can get some of it back. The last time I ran was almost 3 weeks ago and that was only 5 miles!!!

Mentally I feel like I’m getting there with my attitude to training and the Ironman… Less waves of panic and doubt and a little more self belief. Mostly anyway.The quote above is one of my particular favorites, and so true. People are so quick to say, “oh no I couldn’t possibly do that”, but actually with a little bit of determination, hard work and sacrifice, we are capable than a lot more than we think.

If this injury’s given me anything, it’s given me time… Time to catch up with friends I’ve not seen for a while and haven’t managed to because I’ve felt I should be training, which has been awesome.

But at the same time it’s also give me too much time.

Which is a bad thing. It’s crazy, I feel as though I’ve forgotten how to be a ‘normal’ person who doesn’t spend the majority of their evenings and weekends swimming, cycling or running.

What do these ‘normal’ people do with themselves?! It’s rather bizarre I must admit. Not to mention frustrating, there’s only so many hours in a day you can sit on a bike before certain areas go numb or become rather painful!

I’ve organised a bake sale at work for Friday to aid my fundraising efforts for Macmillan, so last night’s activity, among a couple of others was baking… Although this time I decided to not make the same mistakes I always make with work baking events, I’m going to play it safe and make (not bake) rocky road… A particular favorite, it was a real challenge not to eat it all as I was cooking! Mmmm chocolate, mmmm marshmallows… what’s not to love?! The recipe was a good old BBC Good Food one… I subbed in glace cherries for raisins though, mmmmmm.

Rocky Road Slice ~Marshmallows, Macadamia Nuts, Raisins

So this morning I was back on the turbo, well I’ve got to burn off all that chocolate from yesterday somehow haven’t I?!

30 miles done this morning, love that slightly knackered but smug feeling you get when you start the day off this way 🙂

I may not be the fastest out there, but each day I’m getting stronger, and hey, I’m trying my damndest.

Be Gentle. We are so cruel to ourselves at times. Would you ever criticise your friends the way you criticise yourself? I wouldn't, no one would stand for it.

Simon said to me last night he feels this injury might be a blessing in disguise… I was a bit shocked by that initially, but I’ve come to realise he’s probably right. It’s forcing me to spend time on the bike, something I’ve seemingly (subconsciously) actively avoided for the last few months!

So with increasing distance, and hopefully increasing strength, endurance and power, Ironman is looking like it might just be OK… well the bike at least! Just got to get my shoulder strong enough and less painful so that I can get back in the water. #hardworkpays.

Anyway, thanks for reading 🙂

A bike crazy triathlete x


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