A Breakthrough!

This week has been pretty awesome 😊 lots of time catching up with girlfriends, lots of time on the turbo and a couple of physio sessions… My shoulder has been less painful, still aches but not the sharp pain I was getting. It now seems to have attacked my neck/ upper traps which are full of trigger points and super tight, which made for some rather painful mobilization, acupuncture and trigger point/ stretching sessions! 

The absolute highlight of my week had to be when the physio told me I can try and start running at my session on Friday!!!! 
So on Saturday morning I set out just for a little run, to see how it felt… I was slightly apprehensive, nervous and unsure of what my fitness would be like, how it would feel and how my shoulder/ neck would react. 

I started out in the beautiful sunshine and it felt pretty good, for the first time in a while my legs felt loose and fresh, my breathing was ok and posture was pretty relaxed. I settled into it fairly quickly and before I knew it, I’d already clocked up one mile. Checking my Garmin I was shocked at what I was seeing… Sub 8 minute pace! I’ve not run that fast, comfortably for about a year! The miles kept going and I felt strong, like it was fairly effortless. Around 4 miles in my shoulder started to ache a little and I could feel my neck starting to get tighter. But I kept going and by the time I finished I had a comfortable 9 miles in the bag. In 1:10… And I was CHUFFED!   

Fastest 9 miles in a while 😊 I think the three weeks without running has given my legs a chance to recover after all the running events at the beginning of the year. And the cycling must have been doing some good in making them stronger.

To top it off I finished the day with an hour on the turbo trainer, which is set up in the garage.   As I was sweating half my body weight out one of the neighbours kids saw me and asked, “why are you practicing cycling not actually cycling?!” I tried to explain it’s kind of the same thing and that I’m training for an ironman, but he didn’t really seem to get it. Until I put it into perspective, as I’ve had to do for a lot of people… “It’s 152 lengths in a pool, then cycling from Reading to Cardiff, then running from Reading to High Wycombe”… Cue dumbfounded silence! Yeah…. 5 weeks today 😁

Well, after a day in London seeing my girlfriends I’d best fit some sort of training in this evening. My legs are killing me after yesterday so a slowish recovery run might be the order of the day.

5 weeks and counting…

Anyway, thanks for reading!

A tired but encouraged triathlete x


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