20 Signs You’re Training for an Ironman…

So the last few posts have been variable in terms of mood… This little list of what it’s like to be training for an Ironman should make you chuckle 😉
1. Your early mornings are much earlier than anyone else’s definition of ‘early’.

2. You physically need to consume all food in reach.

3. Training 3 hours a day is not enough.

4. You get massive bike/kit envy. ALL THE TIME. EVERYWHERE.

5. Your friends/colleguesconstantly tell you how mad you are.

6. You sign up to half marathons instead of training runs just to get a medal.

7. You’ve remorgaged your house to buy race entry/flights/kit.

8. You are still trying to love 0% alcohol beer.

9. Drunk people really annoy you because you want to get drunk but don’t want to ruin training.

10. Anything up to 6am is a lie in.

11. You constantly have to back out of plans to make way for training or get some extra sleep in.

12. You wish you were training for a sprint distance.

13. You never know how many calories you need to eat.

14. Your family forget what you look like.

15. Personal grooming goes out the window; and you live in sports gear.

16. You constantly run out of clean training gear.

17. You hate people who make it look easy.

18. Every event that isn’t Ironman secretly makes you think ‘but it isn’t an ironman is it?’

19. Anyone who has ever finished an Ironman is now part of your extended family.

20. You have dreams with the resounding words ‘YOU ARE AN IRONMAN’ at some point most nights.

We all know the end result is worth it though!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed the read 🙂

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