Just Keep Swimming…

Last night I ventured to the pool for the first attempt at a swim since the crash. The last time I swam was 1900m in Wimbleball lake, where I emerged third in my age group at IM 70.3 UK.

After an hour’s session on the WattBike in the gym and a bit of stretching, I headed down to the pool.

I must admit, I was feeling pretty nervous. But excited 🙂

I settled straight back into the routine, swimsuit on, walk to the pool, hat and goggles on, start the Garmin and off you go.

Within about 3 or 4 strokes I felt pain in my shoulder… nooooooooo! I managed 50 painful metres before I stopped and thought, hang on, this isn’t good.

Disappointed, I moved over to the slow lane (boo) and settled in to do some kicking.

After 300m of kicking, I thought, maybe it’s just weakness and it’ll be ok. It’s bound to hurt a bit if I’ve not swum for 4 weeks right?

So off I went again…

2 lengths down, then 4, then suddenly I’d made it to 250m. OK so it wasn’t completely pain free, but it seemed the further I swam, the easier it started to feel. And I remembered how much I LOVE to swim 🙂

life with out swimming is like lemonade without lemons. its just not good!

Woooooo! Maybe I can do this.

Another 3 x 250m followed, to give me my first 1000m swim in a month! I’m normally a ‘more than 2.5km swim or you might as well not bother’ kind of swimmer… But I’ve never been happier to swim just 1km!

OK so it hurt a little bit, but that’s to be expected, and from a fitness perspective I know I could have carried on but I figured, don’t push it the first time and maybe things will be OK.

I always have to remind myself everyday. It's hard to remember how much I've improved for me when everyone else around me is making the times I need to be making. And of course it means nothing to them.

I’m starting to feel like this is going to be OK, the swim is going to be a lot slower than I’d thought, but hey. At the end of the day for my first go at IM distance I’m just looking to get round.

I’m sitting here, not very busy this afternoon (clearly) and I’ve already started thinking ahead to next year, and started planning my races and season…

Starting with a couple of half marathons to warm up to the London Marathon in April, then possibly Mallorca or Barcelona IM 70.3 in May, possibly Wimbleball 70.3 again in June, then Tenby long course weekend (yes, the whole thing) in July… Then I’m not sure where to go from there!

I’m not going to lie, I’ve set my sights on Ironman Wales as a target for 2017… It’s a long way off, but maybe that’s enough time to get strong enough on the bike to tackle the brutal Welsh hills 🙂 we’ll see.

Thanks for reading 🙂

A daydreaming and excited triathlete x


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