Magic is Believing in Yourself, If You Can Do That, You Can Make Anything Happen…

Miracles always happen when you believe.

Well. What a few days! Something inside me seems to have ‘clicked’, both physically and mentally. I’m a lot more positive, and as a result this seems to have had a fantastic effect on my training and performance!

On Thursday afternoon I ventured out on my bike… The first ride since the crash and I was a little anxious but excited and eager to get it done. I managed a solid 35 miles up towards Windsor and back through Waltham St Lawrence, Twyford and Wargrave. It was awesome! So happy to be back on my bike again 🙂 I just had a minor nervous moment during the first descent I encountered, I was a little tentative and over-friendly with the brakes!

Needless to say, I survived.

Although it wasn’t particularly fast… I guess that’s what cycling on a turbo does to you, you forget how much climbing hills takes it out of you!

Thursday evening I returned to the pool for a few more lengths… This time I managed 2 x 1000m which I was very happy with! Again, a little niggle in my shoulder but nothing major.

Nicholas Sparks

On Friday morning I hopped out of bed at 5:45 and donned my running kit and set out for another pre-work 10 miles… it was glorious, there’s really nothing better than getting out there and getting a workout in before most other people get up 🙂 #smug

My run routes are really unimaginative… I tend to stick to fairly similar routes each time, which some may think is boring, but first thing in the morning I often can’t be bothered to think about direction and just like to get on with it… iPod in, and go. It makes it somehow more relaxing.

I think it also helps to appreciate distance, for example I know how far 5, 6, 7 and 10 miles are so when it comes to the run in Ironman I’ll be able to think, ah I’ve just got from this place to this place left to go 🙂

The weekend was pretty full on… We had decided to try and cover as close to Ironman distance as possible over the weekend- easily do-able for the swim and the bike, bu we knew we wouldn’t make it that far on the run.

Saturday morning started bright and early with a 3km bash out at the lake, the first time back in open water since the crash. IT WAS AMAZING!

The lake is set up with a 750m loop, we did 4 laps to total 3000m with the splits 12:50, 13:04, 13:08 and 13:25… not too bad!

And my shoulder felt pretty good, swimming fitness hasn’t really gone away either, I felt pretty strong and once I’d settled into a rhythm it was great. I didn’t even get freaked out by the reeds like I sometimes do, I was just so happy to be back in the water!

After a bowl of cereal and a bacon sandwich, Simon and I got ready for our long rides, I was preparing myself for my longest solo road ride to date… And as a result was a little nervous beforehand!

Armed with some oatcakes, a cereal bar and some gels I set off. I chose to cycle a course that would involve two laps, to try and simulate what we will face in Copenhagen. Not really knowing the area so well yet meant I was a little limited, however I had a great ride and took in the sights of Windsor, Wargrave, Henley (where Simon zoomed past me going the other direction!) and back to Woko then back out to Windsor and home.

After 4 hours 49 minutes I rolled back into the driveway, having covered 76 miles… I was tired, but satisfied and felt that I could still push on for another 36 miles and hopefully make the bike cut off!

When I got home, Simon had been back for ages, he’d done a fast 71 miles (I was secretly chuffed I’d beaten his distance haha). We had a bit of downtime on the sofa, watched a bit of tv and refuelled… I fell asleep almost straight away!

Before I knew it, it was time to head out for a run. On went the trainers and off I went.

I won’t pretend I was excited at the prospect, I’d actually been slightly dreading it for the last few miles of my ride. I’m not one of these ‘I LOVE RUNNING ALL THE TIME’ athletes, but the miles ticked by, and initially my legs felt heavy and tired however looking at my Garmin I was astonished to see mainly sub 8 minute miles! I ran a solid 7 miles, with 5 miles at sub 8 minute pace, and 2 at 8:04 and 8:06… Pretty happy with that!

Shower, food and bed were the order of the evening, ready for another heavy day of training on Sunday.

#lornajane #myactiveyear #triathlon

Sunday morning, up early again and headed back to the lake… Just three laps this time, to give a total swim distance for the weekend of 5,250m!

We headed home again, and after yet more food, we then had a quick turnaround to go and meet some of the guys from the running club for a leisurely afternoon of cycling. It was quite refreshing after the intensity of cycling hard for hours on your own, nice to cycle and chat, and we stopped for lunch in a gorgeous cafe with a lovely little farm shop… The only downside was there wasn’t much gluten free on offer, so I had to put up with some chips and a tiny bowl of salad for lunch! Ah well.

An hour or so later we stopped for an ice cream… Deeeeeelish.

After just over 3 hours of cycling we rolled back home having covered 43 miles. Result! A total of 119 miles of cycling 🙂

Once home, we had a bit more food (!) and chilled out in the garden with the dog, I’d almost talked myself out of going for a run…

Then I thought about the amount of food I wanted to eat that evening, BBQ time always involves chocolate filled bananas in our house, and before long I was kitted up again and we were heading our separate ways again for a run.

I felt suprisingly good and decided to try and hit a long-ish run… I trotted back home after 1 hour 13 mins having covered 9 miles, an average of 8:09 minute miles, not bad after the weekend we’d had! I was happy. Happy happy happy 🙂

After a delish BBQ with the housemates it was time to call it a day… Bed was calling 🙂

I lay there, tossing and turning, unable to get into a comfortable position thanks to the delights of really restless legs…

The next thing I know it’s 5:54am and I’m wide awake, so clearly the obvious thing to do was to go for a run.

5 peaceful, pleasant miles later my legs felt a whole lot better 🙂 Followed this with day 1 week 1 of the amazing Kayla Itsines Instagram goddess’s Beach Body Guide with my housemate Grace…

28 minutes later, we were done with squats, lunges and step ups… And absolutely drenched in sweat but happy and ready to start the week!

So 2 weeks and 6 days lie between me and Ironman Copenhagen… And after the weekend I feel like I might just about survive it. And not just survive but possibly do OK! It seems like something in me has changed… I’ve found some self belief and determination. A friend’s motto is ‘Believe to Achieve’… I’m going to start using this one…

Western Australia Ironman Triathlon 2012 start line

We shall see.

So this week I plan to continue with some hard training, then start the taper from next weekend.


Anyway, enough waffle for now, thanks for stopping by!

A positive, and for the first time in a while, EXCITED triathlete x

140.6 = Ironman Distance!


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