Single Figures… Where Has the Last 11 Months Gone…?!!?!

So here we are, 9 days out from the biggest race of my entire life. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…. Mainly I’m super excited, with a lot of nervousness added in!

This week has been pretty good, after a fairly relaxed weekend- a 28 mile cycle to/from the lake, 3km swim and a solid 50 miles on the bike afterwards on Saturday, followed by my first ever ‘FootGolf’ experience on Sunday 🙂 it was awesome… Kicking a ball around an old golf course, onto greens with massive holes! Although it’s definitely harder than it looks, especially when you can only boot a ball about 15 metres (at a push!!!) I haven’t kicked a ball in years, and it really made the front of my shin on my ‘kicking’ leg hurt! It ached for a couple of days afterwards!!!

Monday I headed out for a run in the evening, and came back with 7 miles in the bank, didn’t feel particularly great but got it done on legs that felt pretty tired.

Tuesday morning I headed to the pool, where I’ve not been in ages… 1500m to start with, then another 1000m in just over 16 minutes, again not particularly fast but got it done. Although my shoulder did start to ache a little around the 2km mark… Best invest in some ibuprofen and paracetamol supplies for next weekend!!

Tuesday we received an email with our race numbers… OH MY GOD. It just got real. I’m number 207 for anyone wanting to track me! Let’s hope it’s a lucky number this time… It always feels so real when you receive your number… Too late now eh!?!

I dabbled in a bit of yoga Tuesday evening, just a couple of YouTube videos but they were pretty good. Definitely taught me I need to start doing some stretching (but I knew that already!) and I’m definitely going to encorporate yoga into my training moving forward. Fingers crossed I’ll see some improvements!!!

On Wednesday I headed out on the bike with my housemate… Oh dear, the first 10 miles I felt like my legs didn’t belong to me and like there was something wrong with my bike… I think that’s just what they call ‘fatigue’ haha. After that though I was OK, seemed to get warmed up and flush some lactic acid out and the last few miles were pretty good to bring us home at around 22.5 miles.

Wednesday = GBBO… This time my other housemate had decided to bake… Gluten free orange shortbread. Deeeeelish with a cup of tea, and coincided perfectly with the fact it was biscuit week! Nom nom.

Crisp orange shortbread

Yesterday I dragged myself out of bed a little early to take the mutt for a walk before doing 30 minutes of yoga 🙂 a lovely way to start the day! Felt nice and relaxed/ stretched afterwards. Although I have such rubbish flexibility! And apparently am really weak… After doing next to no core for a while (/ ever) my whole body was pretty much shaking trying to make it into a plank/ low push up! Oh dear, I have ALOT of work to do!

Last night was the series finale for the local 10k series we have been doing… I decided to combine it with a bit of a run to warm up to make it up to 11 miles, my last ‘long run’ before Ironman!! The 5.3 miles there felt AWFUL, it was hot and humid, my legs were sore and just felt like I couldn’t get going… Averaged 8:13 minute miles so not too horrific really.

I got to Dinton early as I was helping out with race registration, it was a nice relaxed atmosphere and awesome to see so many excited/ nervous and happy runners 🙂 I love local events!

The race started at 7pm and I had agreed to run with my running buddy, Paul, and that we would maintain sub 8:30 minute mile pace. To be honest I was feeling a little skeptical after my run there…. But we set off and it felt super comfortable and my breathing was well under control, legs felt strong and I honestly couldn’t feel the 5 and a bit miles I’d run earlier.


I made sure to keep at a steady pace so that I didn’t shoot off and leave Paul. We’re running Bournemouth marathon together later in the year (his first marathon) so I wanted him to believe that I would be there! We stuck together until my competitive nature got the better of me at about 9.8km when I said, ‘you coming?’ and he said, ‘no’… So I ran as fast as I could to overtake a girl in front of us and sprinted across the finish line.

Well it was a sprint in my eyes, I probably looked like an elephant galloping along the path to the spectators!  

I felt pretty awesome afterwards, and definitely didn’t feel like I’d run 11.3 miles 🙂 BOOOOOM!

Oh and this little beaut arrived yesterday… I’m going to pin it to my top during Ironman so my mum is there with me 💕 thinking about her is definitely going to help me get round. 

As for today…. I’m having another rest day, well the first one of the week 🙂 and am off to the cinema this evening.

This taper and Ironman malarkey seems to be making me rather emotional, I just watched this video and ended up sobbing!!!

And the weekend, not too much planned… A possible cycle to/from the lake tomorrow and a swim. And maybe a run. But that’s about it!

It is taper time after all 😉

Anyway, thank you for reading!

A tapering and excited triathlete x



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