Race Week!!!!

Four days to go now… Four days between me and a 140.6 mile journey around Copenhagen. I’M SO EXCITED!!!!

After a fairly chilled weekend, which saw a 2.5km (ish) swim on Saturday and a lovely 40 miles with Simon and a quick 5k run off the bike, followed by a BBQ with SO MUCH FOOD, then a very chilled Sunday which involved a spot of painting- the dining table and chairs šŸ™‚ this week is obviously a super light week with plenty of time for stretching, rest and foooood.

Monday morning I hopped out of bed for a run, 6 miles later my legs felt good after Sunday’s rest and I trotted home within 50minutes, nice and easy šŸ™‚

Our bike boxes arrived on Monday evening and we spent (literally) about an hour and a half dismantling our bikes and packing them into two rather large plastic boxes…

After a lot of Allen key action we managed to fit both bikes in and secured them so they’re nice and safe. I must admit I’m not overly looking forward to putting them back together, and then having to repeat the dismantling process after Ironman on Monday morning so we can leave our hotel! Poor planning on our part means the morning after Ironman we have to check out of our hotel room and move hotels… Oops!

Tuesday was a rest day, I was totally lazy… Simon got home and went out for a run (he had rested on Monday to be fair), so I cooked dinner and chilled until he got home.

This morning I headed out for my last run until the race… (Unless I feel the desperate need to do a quick run in the next few days, which I might, who knows). Very slow and felt slightly heavy, hoping those 4.5 miles will help shake it out and keep me ticking over until Sunday.

So this evening, all that’s left to do is to go get my nails done… I’m planning some Ironman themed race nails woooo! Then pack, watch bake off (obvs… and it’s bread week wahoo!) and get some sleep ready to set off bright and early tomorrow!

I just watched a video showing the bike course in 6 minutes, it’s calmed my nerves about the bike as there doesn’t seem to be any real nasty hills, hopefully I should manage to stay on this time šŸ˜‰

I’m so excited to get to Copenhagen and do a (little) bit of exploring before the race, and I’m now really, really excited about taking on the 140.6 mile challenge. EEEEEK!

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll post again before the race, but thanks for reading!

A very, very, very excited triathlete x


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