It’s the final countdown… Less than 24 hours to go!

Thursday morning the alarm went off at 4:45am and after a quick shower and final checks that I’d packed everything and multiple attempts to close the suitcase resulting in a few outfit options being discarded… We were off to Gatwick!

An easy journey round the M25, a relatively quick and pain free check in and a leisurely breakfast in the terminal ensued (McDonalds for Simon, Pret porridge and a latte for me). Then before we knew it, it was time to board the flight.
We met a chap in the queue to board the flight who was also heading to Copenhagen for the Ironman, he’d done Austria previously and was heading to Copenhagen to try and break 11 hours. 

After a smooth and uneventful flight we touched down in Copenhagen around 11:30 local time. We picked up our bags, Simon had 2 hot dogs in the airport (standard) then headed into the city by taxi.

The final part of the flight, as well as the journey to the hotel emphasized quite how flat Denmark is… Cue a huge sigh of relief at the thought of the bike course!

We got to our hotel and unloaded our bikes and bags before a quick change and headed into the unknown to go and register.

A super smooth and simple process, we signed our lives away on the waiver forms and were handed Ironman backpacks, race numbers, chips and swim caps and that was that. Ready to go! After a quick browse of the merchandise tent we were ready for food.

Naturally we kept the backpacks on for the rest of the day πŸ‘πŸ»  

Copenhagen is a beautiful city, we walked about 12km on Thursday and took in a few sights which was great πŸ™‚ the weather has been amazing, bright blue skies and not a cloud in sight… If a little warm for race day!    Oh and there’s bikes everywhere!

    Simon’s parents arrived on Thursday evening and after putting our bikes back together, we met up with them and went out for yet more food… And happened to stumble across a huge Ironman inflatable, which obviously meant Photo Op!

 A relatively early night and a great sleep in the huge comfy hotel bed followed πŸ™‚

Friday morning we got up and took the bikes for a little spin to check we’d put them back together ok and coincided it with picking up some breakfast before heading back to the hotel. 

After a shower and food we set out to go and meet up with John and Paula.

We walked, and walked, and walked. Covering over 14km, we saw Christiania- a hippie commune where they sell Marujana openly on the aptly named ‘Pusher Street’, although unfortunately you’re not allowed to take photos- for obvious reasons!     We tried Copenhagen street food in a really cool warehouse type building, challenging trying to find something gluten free but I managed and had a delicious egg wrap with pulled pork and salad… YUM! 

We climbed up 398 steps to reach the top of a beautiful church tower which gave a fantastic view of the city…   

We kept on walking until we stumbled across a truly incredible sight… The Ironman finish line!!!!!! I could barely contain my excitement, I think Simon and his parents now think I’m a total nutter (because I wasn’t before right?! Last night we ventured into Tivoli Gardens, where we wandered around the huge theme park and gardens and had a bit of food (by bit, I mean an all you can eat buffet…) before Simon and I headed off at about 9:45, the life of an Ironman athlete eh?!

 This morning we woke feeling rested and wheeled our bike boxes through the city to Simon’s parents hotel as we have to move hotels on Monday it’ll be easier to take our bikes there after the race.

We bumped into Simon’s friends who’ve come to support who were having breakfast in the cafe next door, what a cooincidence! Anyway we hit up some food with the most, then headed over to the the ironman merchandise tent again for some last minute shopping!    

Later on we headed back to the hotel, packed transition bags and cycled the 5 miles to Amagar Strandpark where the swim and T1 take place.

We were surrounded by some crazy fast and fit looking athletes, I was pretty initimadated to say the least, I felt like I was either going to throw up, or burst into tears… Anyway bikes racked and bags dropped we headed back into the city on the metro.      

 After catching up with the others for some food, we headed back to the hotel for operation chill… 

One more sleep until the journey of a lifetime! I’m ridiculously excited, hope I can get some sleep!

Thanks for reading, hopefully next time I post I’ll be an Ironman!   



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