September, Time to Get My Life in Order!

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It is just me, or did August seem to last forever yet at the same time absolutely fly by?!

This is probably down to the fact it was one the most incredible, yet crazy months for me. I had the last week or so of full on Ironman training, then the taper, the biggest (and most amazing) race of my life and then a bit of chill time with Simon on holiday.

I do like being busy, but I need downtime too! I know I end up feeling so burnt out if I don’t get enough time out, so this is definitely something I need to remember next time I have a non-stop month planned!

I’m really looking forward to the next few weeks. I have a good mix of plans coming up, from seeing friends, to a couple more races and leading into October when it’s another holiday with my bezzie.

Everyone I’ve spoken to after Ironman says ‘take some time out’, ‘have a bit of rest’… I did that for a week and now I feel like I want to start training again. Surely listening to your body can also mean training when you feel like it, as well as not doing something when you’re not quite feeling up to it?

I’ve got a couple more races coming up in September and the start of October before a break from racing until the New Year (well, club cross country aside). We’ve entered an Olympic distance triathlon followed by a half marathon the next day (yup, not very clever!) and then I’ve got my final marathon of the year the week later, before heading off to the mountains of New Mexico with my bestie, Clare, for some R&R, good food, yoga and lots of walking (and probably some runs- altitude training!)

With regards to training, I can afford to take the next couple of months a little easier and almost train for fun for a bit. As for the races, I haven’t got any times in mind particularly that I’m aiming for, I’m going to race to enjoy them. I know I can do all of the distances quite comfortably, so that inevitably takes away some of the nerves and worry! The marathon in October should be lovely, I’m pacing a friend for his first marathon with the goal of going under 4 hours.

All I really need to do is regular runs, to keep the legs ticking over, and in the next 5 weeks try and squeeze in a couple of longer runs (18-20 miles), which for the first time in a while I’m quite looking forward to!

I’m usually a big fan of goal setting and routine, but I haven’t done it properly for a couple of months. I’ve been experimenting a little bit, as I wanted to see how I’d cope with less structure in my life.

Turns out, I need a plan – otherwise I end up feeling a bit lost!


Almost everything I want to achieve this month can be summarized by two words: routine and positivity.


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I wouldn’t say August has been particularly unhealthy, but I know it could have been so much better. It was all about convenience and trying to squeeze a lot in, so September will be all about the routine. This is all really simple stuff – more water, more veggies, less sugar and more varied activity. It’s the little things I tend to neglect when I’m busy:

  • Be consistent with my diet – find the balance between healthy food and treats, I’m going to stick to the 80:20 rule 🙂
  • Drink more water (aiming for 2 litres each day) and less caffeine
  • Complete BBG three times a week and a yoga video at least twice a week
  • Make sure I hit 10,000 steps on my Jawbone on ‘rest days’
  • Try and get some structure and planning into my triathlon training, as well as taking the time out to plan for the next season 🙂

I bought a Jawbone ‘UP’ in June to encourage me to be more active on rest days and to find out a little bit more about how I sleep (as badly as I’d thought!) I haven’t used it much recently, but it’s making a comeback this month.



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I am well aware that I am very quick to be hard on myself, and can be fairly negative at times, which I know annoys Simon. So I’m going to try super hard to banish the negative thoughts and feelings, and embrace positivity and all the good things it brings!

A while ago I attempted the #100happydays tag challenge on Instagram, however it was at a not particularly happy time and needless to say, I failed. This is going to make a comeback too… Random little objects, actions and things I capture posted on Instagram with the hashtag so that I can look back on it and see how great things really are!

Anyway, that’s enough waffle for now! Thanks for reading 🙂

A positive, enthusiastic triathlete x


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