One Crazy Year…

So at the end of last year I decided to take on as many races as I could (within reason) to mark 10 years since losing my beloved Mum and best friend to cancer. It was a big undertaking and a lot of my friends gave me the feeling they didn’t think I could do it and thought it was a stupid idea… So me being me, stubborn and determined, that only added fuel to the fire! 

The journey began in February, with my amazing boy by my side I’ve completed over 20 races in the last 8 months:

  • Wokingham half marathon


  • Bramley 20 miles


  • Richmond half marathon


  • Race your pace half marathon

  • Clumber Park standard duathlon
  • Fleet half marathon


  • Brighton marathon
  • London marathon  
  • Milton Keynes marathon  
  • Stockley Park 10k


  • Three counties 50 mile cycle   
  • Wokingham sprint triathlon


  • Deva standard triathlon
  • IM 70.3 UK (dnf)  
  • Dinton 10km series (x3)


  • Woodland 5 mile trail run series (x3)


  • Ironman Copenhagen


  • Gower standard triathlon  
  • Windsor half marathon


  • Bournemouth marathon   

Needless to say it has been a totally crazy year, I’ve never felt so exhausted in my life… But it does feel pretty awesome to look at that list and know I’ve done more this year than most people will ever do in their life!! #smug 

A few of my highlights for the year…

  • Completing my first ever duathlon… And probably my last, it was horrible! Oh and Simon qualifying for GB for the ETU champs in Germany next year.
  • Simon running – SMASHING – his first ever marathon in Brighton (proud gf alert)  
  • Running my 3rd London and fastest time there (3:38), a cheeky GFA time means I’ll be back again next year!
  • Coming back from injury with a positive attitude, feeling stronger than ever on the bike.
  • Sitting on a turbo in the garage, on my own, for 5 hours… The furthest I’d ever cycled, and coming out alive/ not brain dead!  
  • Finishing Ironman Copenhagen…. And being a sub 12 hour Ironman!!!! Proudest moment of my life.


  • Completing most of the events with a big cheesy grin 😀

 I couldn’t have done any of this without the constant support from Simon, and my wonderful dad who although he calls me a nutter, I think (hope) he’s pretty proud of me 💕

So what now…? Well even though I feel like jumping into training t again, I know my body needs a break. The last 6 miles atBournemouth yesterday are enough to tell me that!!!

I’m going to take this week off, with a track session on Wednesday, mainly for the social aspect, and possibly a swim then it’s off to the U.S. on Friday for some well needed R&R 😊 although I have a funny feeling the running stuff will be making a few appearances…

I plan on taking some time to think through some options for next year, It definitely won’t see as many events as the last 8 months but I’ve already got a few races planne for the start of the year. I really want to do a late season Ironman (hopefully Barcelona) but it’s dependent on when my brother decides to get married! And I need to weight up the benefits of having a coach… Whether I need one and most importantly whether I would be able to listen to one!

Enough for now, thanks for reading!

A happy and accomplished triathlete x


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