Here we go again….

So I’ve made the decision to enter Ironman Zurich… I had entered a new UK iron distance race in the Lake District, however I was struggling to get really excited about going the distance without the razzmatazz of M-Dot. Simon’s cousin, Tom, is also doing Zurich so we would be heading out there to watch him anyway, that was my justification anyway haha!   

So 8 months to go, I need to find a training plan/put some sort of structure to my training this time round. I know the bike course is going to be a lot more difficult than Copenhagen, it’s two laps again but this time two climbs and around 1300m of vertical climbing over the 112 miles. Looks like I’ll be making good friends with my turbo over the winter 😊

In terms of other races for next year, Zurich is going to be my A race. So far I’ve entered a local half marathon in Feb and have a good for age place in the London Marathon in April. Other potentials include a 10 mile or 20 mile race in Feburary which is organized by my running club, and a half ironman in May. This should give me plenty more time to really focus on training this year.

I’m really looking forward to my Ironman journey round 2 and am going to try hard to have more structure and focus to my training, in my mind my training week will look something like this:

Monday- am swim, pm off

Tuesday- am turbo and strength, pm run

Wednesday- am swim, pm track

Thursday- pm turbo and strength

Friday- am swim

Saturday- Parkrun and long ride

Sunday- long run

Obviously we’ll have to see how that works out and I need to remember to plan some recovery weeks every 4 weeks and a ‘rest’ day every 7-10 days… Best get the calendar out!

Exciting times ahead!



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