Less Swimming and Cycling and More Running…

So since the Gower triathlon at the end of September I’ve been on my bike about 6 times, and graced the pool probably around 10 times… But I’ve been doing rather a lot of running!  

I ran almost every day while I was away in the US with my family, which was tough as they live at 2,200m elevation! It was like running without any oxygen at times… But as the week went on it definitely got easier. The day I got home from the States, I ran my fastest 7 miles I’ve ever run (53:08)! Crazy…

Since coming back from the US I’ve been running more regularly and averaged 3 runs per week roughly, which has included track sessions with the running club.

Everything seems to be clicking into place with my running at the moment, I just really hope it stays this way!!

At the beginning of the year I set myself goals I wanted to achieve, these included:

  • 5k in under 22 minutes
  • 10k in under 45 minutes
  • Half marathon in under 1:40
  • Marathon in under 3:30
  • Half Ironman in under 5:30
  • Ironman… To finish!!

Two weeks ago (24th October) I ran 21:39 at Woodley parkrun… my PB still stands at 21:32 (2013) but that’s the closest I’ve been to that number in the last 2 years, so it’s as good as a new PB! I was over the moon 🙂

The next day, Simon and I decided to try and find a 10k to see whether I could get close to 46 minutes… The last straight out 10k I did was back in August, pre-Ironman when I ran with a friend from the running club and finished in 49 minutes… Last Sunday I managed 43:34 (av. 7:07min/mile) and finished 3rd lady!!! Overwhelmed!! It was a fast, pretty flat course in Richmond Park. Simon came second overall, so it was a great day for us both!

Last weekend I went on a girls weekend away and got some decent miles in- 7.3 on the Saturday and 13.1 on the Sunday in 1:44. It was the 10 year anniversary of my Mum passing away so a long run was definitely in order. It was perfect. I ran on my own, early in the morning, by the sea surrounded in mist and fog… 13.1 miles of thinking time.  

After track on Wednesday, I decided I needed to find a half marathon to try and put the 1:40 demons to rest…

Wearing heels all day at friend’s wedding yesterday, and not a lot of restful sleep, and waking up to a rather dodgy feeling tummy probably wasn’t the best preparation to try and set a new PB, and when my alarm went off this morning at 7:45 I was in two minds as to whether to just stay in bed…

Obviously I decided against that, and after a coffee and some toast, we were in the car at 8:30 on our way to Uxbridge. After an easy journey, we got to the start and parked up, I found the information desk and paid my entry fee, securing a place in the first wave of runners.

A 1 minute silence before the race as it was Rememberance Sunday, and then we were off!

The race was along the Grand Union Canal, from Uxbridge to Watford… Along the tow path, which after the last few days worth of rain, was muddy and slippery to say the least. I slightly regretted my choice of regular trainers, thinking my Inov8 trail shoes would have been a much better choice!

I knew that a 7:35 average would put me across the finish line around 1:39, but I felt pretty good so ran more based on how I felt than trying to stick tightly to a 7:35 min/mile pace.

My splits were fairly variable, ranging from 8:03 to 7:04… And as I ran into the park where the finish line was situated, I ran past Simon and Zeus and had a quick look at my watch- 1:35 with around 500m to go!!

I crossed the finish line in 1:37:15 (on my Garmin)… Absolutely chuffed, and amazed that I’d managed to finally beat my PB of 1:40! Finally joined the 1:30’s club! Wahoooooo!

So 2015 has been a pretty great year… Apart from not making my marathon and half Ironman goals, I’ve smashed every other goal I set myself this year! It seems that the track sessions I hate so much are starting to pay off! 😊

Now for some relaxation and time to start thinking about goals for 2016… I’ve got my work cut out that’s for sure!

Thanks for reading,

A happy, satisfied triathlete x  


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