And So the Adventure Begins… (Again)

So it’s been a while… I’ve been training fairly hard in the background over the last few weeks getting some regular swims and runs in and trying to manage a couple of turbo sessions a week!

Anyway, here we are, three days after one of the best Christmasses I’ve ever had (it was the first one spent with my boyfriend and his awesome family 😊), feeling very lucky after receiving some fab gifts, and also incredibly lazy and huge after eating for England and not doing a whole lot else over the last few days… 

Well that’s all about to change as my 30 week Ironman training plan starts TODAY- 28th December!  

I’ve decided for Ironman number 2, to actually follow a training plan this time… I’ve gone with Don Fink’s ‘Iron Fit’ plan as this seems to be a fairly commonly used one and looks pretty much like the training I do normally anyway and one that will fit into my life. 

I’ve already tweaked the version I’ve got slightly, just by moving the 1 hour mid-week run from a Tuesday to a Wednesday so it fits in with my running club track session. Everything else seems pretty much where it needs to be!

The only thing I need to add in now is a weekly yoga session at work on a Monday evening, and try and find somewhere to put in some S&C… Might have to be a Wednesday and Friday morning.

Anyway, the first day of the training  plan is a rest day… Lucky as I’m still down in beautiful Wales and there’s no pool open and running is difficult as Simon’s family live in the middle of the countryside with no pavements or streetlights! As for cycling, we went out on bikes yesterday which was lovely!  

So I am very much looking forward to starting this next Ironman Journey and can’t wait to get stuck in and see how much damage I can do at Switzerland! I’m in discussions with a friend who is a triathlon coach about whether to go for it and use a coach for this period of training, as yet I’m undecided… So we shall see!

Anyway, thanks for reading, it’s good to be back 😊

A roly poly pudding of a triathlete x 



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