Ironman Training… Week One

This week started with a Bank Holiday Monday in the UK, which meant no work (wahoo!). 

As a result I was still down in Wales with my boyfriend’s family, eaten far too much and drunk much more than usual over the Christmas period… 

Monday was due to be a rest day but I went against it and let guilt get the better of me and decided to go for a little run.

Two days earlier, at Boxing Day Parkrun, I had fallen quite hard and cut my knee and elbow and managed to bruise somewhere on all 4 limbs…

As a result I was still a little sore, and somewhat struggling to walk properly, climbing the stairs was like climbing a mountain! So needless to say, going for a run probably wasn’t the most sensible idea… That didn’t stop me though!

Off I went, spurred on by the fact that Simon was going out too. Never having run in rural Wales before, I hadn’t got a clue where I was going, I followed Simon for a little bit – from a distance of course, however I managed to get myself lost, and my intention of an easy 4 miles escalated to 7.5 hilly miles. Oops!

Tuesday’s schedule was an AM swim, and a PM turbo/run brick session. I woke up feeling a little sorry for myself with a bit of a cough and a lot of sniffling. Anyway, the alarm went off and I dragged myself to the pool and got through the 2800m session. There was a chap there in an IM Wales swim hat which spurred me on having another Ironman in the lane! Beats the usual crowd anyway… 

After work, I felt absolutely exhausted, as you do after a break which has involved alot of sitting and eating and not alot of moving! I was very close to not doing the evening session, however once again, guilt got the better of me and at 9pm I dragged myself out to the garage and got in 45 minutes on the turbo. I’m afraid to say, the run didn’t happen 😦

Wednesday allowed for a lie in! Wahoo!! My evening activity was a one hour run… Covering 7.66 miles with an average pace of 7:53. I’ve got a bit of a niggle in my right knee that started a couple of weeks ago, I think it’s due to a tight ITB and weak glutes so I’ve been stretching +++, I can get to about 4 miles or so before it starts to hurt. It wasn’t too bad during this run though!

Thursday – New Year’s Eve – and back in the pool at 6:30am before work, this time a slightly longer session, 3300m in 1:01, and a pretty enjoyable session (300 swim, 8x50m drills, 4x150m, 4x200m, 2x150m, 8x50m drills, 200 swim). In the evening we were having a cheese and wine party (aka a total binge fest p**s up) and as tempting as it was to miss my turbo session, I managed to squeeze in a 45 minute spin.

The party was a roaring success, too much cheese and rather a lot of prosecco was consumed! We saw in the new year and then carried on having fun πŸ™‚   

Friday- the first day of 2016! The plan in my head had been to do Woodley Parkrun, with either a run there or a run home to give around 10 miles. However, NYE escalated somewhat and we didn’t end up getting to bed until about 3:45- I decided there was not much point having only a few hours sleep and getting to parkrun and running a rubbish time because I was so tired. So I didn’t, I slept in a bit then later on in the evening went out for a 6.1 mile run, average pace 7:55 and ALOT of pain in my right knee- I had to stop twice to stretch it out and hobbled home to jump on the foam roller.

Saturday- first long ride of the year (and the first long ride since Ironman training!!!), I’d arranged to go cycling with Simon’s cousin, Tom, who is also training for Zurich. He arrived at around 8:45 and we set off, I’d planned a 45 mile route, which turned out to be pretty nice, we headed towards Windsor, then back through some lovely Berkshire villages, up to Henley-on-Thames and back home through Wargrave and Twyford, where we stopped for a much deserved hot chocolate treat πŸ™‚ Total distance was 44 miles, in 2:46 average pace 15.9mph… Not my fastest, but not too awful. Plenty of room (and time) for improvement!

Sunday- long run day πŸ™‚ I woke up feeling pretty achy, sore and tired… But headed out into the wind and rain and plodded round the streets of Wokingham at what felt like a really leisurely pace, however I finished 11 miles in 1:23, average pace of 7:33… No idea how that happened! This afternoon I ventured to the pool (not in the training plan) just for a loosener, and came away after a nice 2100m.

So that’s it, week one of Ironman training complete:

Swim: 8200m, 2:40 total time

Bike: 44miles (plus probably another 20 on the turbo), 4:16 total time

Run: 32.24miles (number one out of my friends on Garmin Connect!) 4:07 total time

Happy with week one… Here’s to week two and beyond!



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  1. 50in50marathonquest says:

    Congrats on all your races as you continue your journey…just found your blog – I’m pretty new to the blogging world. IronMan is so impressive…maybe one day – right now it is all I can do to chase my crazy marathon journey! Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kwebb_123 says:

      Thank you! It’s an incredible experience I totally recommend it πŸ™‚ good luck with your marathon quest!


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