Week Two… A new PB and a Top 10 Finish

So week two of ironman training seems to have gone pretty well!    

Monday was a rest day, after work I did an hour of yoga with a group of colleagues as one of the other physios I work with is a yoga teacher. I felt great afterwards, all stretchy and relaxed! We went for dinner at our friends Ellie and Ian’s, they have an 18 month old son and 8 week old twin girls so it’s a bit of a crazy household! We took over a shepherds pie and went to chat coaching plans, Ellie has agreed to coach me for Ironman Switzerland! Yippee! Structured training will start in week 3.

Tuesday the plan said am swim and pm bike/ run brick… Off I trotted to the pool bright and early and got my 2,500m set done in 50:40 with Tom before heading off to work. After a busy day I procrastinated ALOT about getting my second session done and yet again, failed to get the run off the bike nailed. I put off the turbo session until after dinner so around 8:15 I hopped on the bike for 60mins before a shower and bed.

Wednesday was a run day, and after another busy and stressful day at work I headed off to my running club track session for an hour and a bit of pain. The session was 8 x 600m fast, 200m recovery, 200m fast, 200m recovery. I ran with a chap I’ve not run with before who’s a 1:25 half marathoner, I kept up with him and the sessionwent by pretty quickly and 1:09 later I’d covered 8.69 miles. Happy days!

Thursday morning I was back in the pool with Tom bright and early… This time covering 2,700m in just over 55 mins. On the way to work I had one of those horrible moments where you get distracted for a second and bump the back of the car in front while in traffic… I was a bit shaken and upset but no one was hurt and there was no damage, phew! After a fairly rubbish start to the day it went by pretty uneventfully and I got home to do my 60 min turbo session with Simon. I pushed HARD on this one and really felt it burn in my quads… Felt gooood! Rewarded ourselves with a hot chocolate with marshmallows 🙂  

Friday morning we got up bright and early (well it was actually pretty dark) and did something we’ve not done for a while… A recovery run together! 4 dark and chilly miles and 34 minslater we were home in time for breakfast, before heading off to work. I went out for another fewmiles in the evening, running my fastest 8 miles for a while in 1:02! Couldn’t feel the morning miles in the legs at all- brilliant! 

We went for date night on Friday evening, dinner at Blue’s Smokehouse in Bracknell, where we ordered the Challenge Platter to share with fries and beans.   

Literally never seen so much food, even we couldn’t finish it! Although we did make ice cream milkshakes in the nutribullet for dessert when we got home (malteasers for me and kinder Bueno for Simon!)… Trying to be healthy went totally out the window!

Saturday morning was another fairly early start as we headed off to Woodley Parkrun where we met up with Tom. A last minute loo stop for me and we were off. I felt like I was absolutely flying! I passed Tom within the first km and never looked back. I felt amazing and crossed the line in 20:04… A new PB and almost 1:30 faster than my previous… I was absolutely chuffed, felt so happy I was on cloud 9! 

Anyway after some tasty pancakes with syrup and berries we headed out for a cycle with Tom and Rick.   

What was intended to be a leisurely 30 odd miles turned into a speed fest after we stopped in Wargrave for coffee and cake and we ended up doing 42.84 in 2:39! The cake stop was at The Old Post Office in Wargrave, such good cake and such a great find 🙂  

Sunday, race day, this time Cliveden Cross Country. Not a race I’ve ever done before, but one I’ve heard a lot about. Mainly about the 170 steps you run up, twice. Oh joy! We met up with some friends, Louise and Sean, who were running too and after a quick catch up, warm up jog and, yup you guessed, another loo stop, we were off! I started way to far back in the pack and had to overtake tones of people before I found my stride, up and down really muddy slippy hills, across grass and gravel and up the dreaded steps… I overtook a couple of girls I recognized from other races and found myself crossing the line in 45:07, not bad for a muddy off road 5.9 miles! Oh, and I managed to somehow come 4th lady and 61st out of a field of 597! Crazy.   

 After wandering round the Nike outlet store and spending a little too much money we had a bit of a tidy up and then I headed off to the pool to meet Tom with Rick whole Simon jumped on the turbo. 48mins later I’d finished my 2,400m set and was done for the week. Thank god! Rest day on Monday- woooo!

So the stats for this week:

Swim- 7,600m, 2:30

Bike- 42.84 miles (plus another ~25ish on the turbo), 4:39

Run- 30.41 miles, 4:45

Pretty solid week, I’m looking forward to my rest day tomorrow but also looking forward to working with Ellie and seeing what I can do on a structured training plan!

Anyway, thanks for reading 🙂


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