Week Three… Feeling Good

So this week I started my first week of coaching with Ellie, and Monday started with a rest day… Fab!

Tuesday morning I was up early and off to the pool as usual, this time for an easy (ish) session, warm up with a steady 300 and some drills, followed by an all out timed 1,000m… Rather happy with my effort of 15:03 to give me a ‘T-time’ of 1:30… Boom! 2,300m and 46 odd minutes later I was done and headed off to work. Tuesday evening called for a delightful turbo session, which as always, I put off as long as I could and didn’t get on my bike until about 7pm. The session was a structured one, which for me is a relatively unknown thing as I usually just sit and pedal for 45 minutes +, however Ellie had set me a session which included single leg drills and a main set of 3 x 10 minutes hard… Needless to say, the session lasted just over an hour but was much more enjoyable and I certainly felt I got a lot more out of it!

Wednesday morning was the usual lie in, then off to track in the evening. This week was a fairly hard session, we did an easy warm up as usual, followed by the Cooper 12 minute test to test our VO2 Max… Basically 12 minutes of balls out run as fast as you can running… I was chuffed, I managed to almost keep up with Carrie, one of the fastest ladies in the club… By the end of the 12 minutes I was only 50m behind her and covered 3,100m to give me a VO2 max of 58… Classed as ‘superior’ apparently! Woop woop! I ran hard for the rest of the session, which was 8 x 600m fast, 200m easy, then a very gentle cool down. In total the session covered 7.4 miles.

I slept really badly after track on Wednesday, as I often do, just because my legs were restless and throbbing… Needless to say I was not too happy when my alarm went off bright and early on Thursday morning! But hey, this Ironman isn’t going to train for itself, so up I got and off I went… Another Ellie special and 3,200m in 56:50 (with a bit of faffing for some nattering/ drills/ rest etc) I was quite pleased… The main set consisted of 400m, 2 x 200m, 400m twice… I managed a 200m in 2:55 and 2:58 and a 400m in 5:58! *Happy dance!!* 

Thursday evening I was back on the turbo… This time for a bike test. I remember doing one of these a couple of years ago when I first started cycling, to try and work out heart rate zones. I didn’t remember quite how much it hurt… After an easy 10 minute spin to warm up, I went all out for 30 minutes, then another easy 10 minute spin to cool down. I gave it as much as I could and felt like I was going to see my dinner again midway through! It hurt, but I got it done, and it was really a rather good session! Hopefully my heart rate zones will help guide my training to make it slightly more effective.

Friday morning we got up bright and early (well it was actually still dark) and Simon and I plodded round a 3.5 mile easy recovery run. On tired legs, it felt brilliant and I was much less achy after. Funny how running can actually ease tired legs! Friday evening we had a date down at the track, for yet another test for me… This time a run test to figure out heart rate. It took the same format as the bike test… 10 min easy run, 30 min race pace effort, 10 min cool down. I kept an eye on my Garmin as I was running and was absolutely astounded to see I cruised through 5k in 19:34… Never in a million years did I feel like I would be capable of that!! OK so Garmin likes to measure things short on the track, but hey, I’ll take that for a start 🙂 The run test sucked pretty hard, and it was freeeezing but that was another mental battle that I won and more miles in the tank. I managed 4.72 miles in 30 minutes… Not bad! After the track session we went for dinner with some friends at Zizzis, starter, pizza and ice cream sundae… Delicious but I was more than ready for bed by the time we got home!

Saturday morning we had all the will in the world of getting to Parkrun… However when we woke up, both of us complained how much our legs hurt! So we decided against it and (wisely) opted for an egg and bacon sandwich and a bit of a clean of the kitchen. Around 11am we set off on our bikes with Rick, and smashed 34 miles in just under 2 hours. Average pace of around 17mph… That’s epic fast for me!!! I took Zeus to Virginia Water for a walk to meet up with an old uni friend, Claire, in the afternoon and when we got home I collapsed on the sofa, energy for the 45 minute run that had been prescribed = absolutely none. So I decided to listen to my body and had a very chilled out evening and early night ready to smash cross country on the Sunday morning.


The alarm went off on Sunday morning and my legs were throbbing, calves felt tight and just not strong at all! But off we went to Lightwater Country Park for the Bracknell Forest Runners’ race. After a quick warm up, we stripped off layers and set off at 11am… There was SO much mud! It was a fantastic race, lots of hills and muddy puddles and big patches of slippery mud- proper cross country 🙂 I pushed as hard as I could, and overtook about 4 girls I’d had my eyes on all season… I finished in the top 5 ladies I think… Absolutely chuffed 🙂   

After cross country we headed home for a shower, then went off to meet our friends Corinne and Liam for a pub lunch. Roast beef and all the trimmings- deeeelish! After a bit of down time it was off to the pool for the final session of the week… The pool was heaving, I had some serious lane rage and ended up moving out of the fast lane as it was just too crowded. The rage seemed to help and o got a couple of sub 6 minute 400s into my 3,100m set!

All in all a good week…

Swim: 2:45, 8600m

Bike: 4:16, 34.30 miles (plus another 30 odd on the turbo)

Run: 3ish hours, 24.29 miles (my lowest for a while!)

Not a huge week volume wise but with 27 weeks to go I don’t think that’s too bad. It’s all about the base at the moment. Although I have voiced concerns to Ellie about the lack of run miles so we’ll see what happens there!

Here’s to next week 💪🏻  


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