Week Four… Something Seems to be Working :)

I woke up bright and early on Monday morning after a rubbish nights sleep and dragged myself out for a steady 5 mile run… Average 8:28/mile, the slowest I’ve plodded for a while! After work I went along to yoga for a good old stretch, lots of twisting and stretching poses- it felt great. When I got home I took to the garage after dinner for a strength session… Squats, lunges, push ups etc and after an hour I was dripping with sweat and shattered! Forgot how much I enjoy gym work 🙂

Tuesday morning after a fairly unrestful night’s sleep off I went to the pool, where I swam 3,025 in just over 53 minutes. Tuesday evening was the usual turbo session… But this was an insane session set by Ellie, 1:45… I really wasn’t feeling up for it at all, but once I got into it I started to enjoy it and about 45 minutes in Simon came in and joined for the last hour. I was shattered when I got off!

Wednesday was my birthday 🙂 28… We woke up around 6:30 and Simon disappeared off to make us coffee and bring Zeus upstairs, then it was present time! I opened my presents from Simon- an Nespresso machine, and a speed/ cadence sensor for my garmin!

I was super happy 🙂 other presents included a cushion from Simon’s sister which has a painting of a picture of Zeus, amazing!!     

After breakfast I headed off to work, luckily leaving at lunch time! Simon also had a half day so we went for lunch in Wokingham, then went to see his nan, before heading off to track at 6:30. It was freeeeeeezing, and as the session went on, the track began to freeze over and it became a little dangerous. 5.44 miles in 51minutes, a session I really enjoy- 800m reps in groups of three, two people run while the other rests. Pretty good, felt like I was flying! After track we headed to a curry house in Earley with the running lot… Delicious food and great company, and they even got me a birthday cake with a picture of me on it after the London Marathon! Brilliant 🙂 all in all a cracking birthday.  

Up early again on Thursday to head back to the pool, this time 3.3km in 58:27, loving all these long swims at the moment 🙂 Thursday evening I met a friend for coffee and a catch up, then cracked on with the turbo session when I got home… It was awesome to see my speed and distance again, much more motivating!    

Friday was a prescribed rest day… And wowzers did it feel good! I was absolutely shattered when I woke up, the whole day was a bit of a struggle to be honest. We went to see Creed in the evening- awesome film! I was totally ready for a sleep by the time we got home.    

Saturday morning started relatively early, with a cycle rolling out at 9am with Simon, Tom and Rick. I was still feeling pretty tired, it was a struggle to try and keep up with the boys. I kept telling them to go on and leave me, but I was glad they didn’t 🙂 30 miles later we arrived back home, slightly chilly but no where near as bad as last week! I had a quick change and then headed out for a brick run… My first one for a while! I was due to run for an hour, and got to 4 miles in just under 30 minutes so I figured I’d round it up to 8 miles in 1:03, average 7:23/mile, it felt rather good after the legs loosened up after the first few miles! The rest of the day was spent eating really… I caught up with some friends for lunch, then came home and cooked a delicious #leanin15 recipe, poached egg with smoked salmon and potato hash- yum!     

Sunday… Cross country day! This mornings race was at Tadley, renowned for its mud, lots of people lost shoes last year! I was still feeling pretty tired, after a warm up jog I felt a bit more awake thankfully!     

We set off at 11am, and quickly got stuck in to 5.05 miles of an insane amount of mud and some pretty intense hills! I felt pretty good and had a fellow Roadrunner, Carrie, in my sights for the first few miles. She’s a lady I have literally never even been close to or anywhere near when running, so to be that close behind was quite amazing… About 4 miles in, I gave myself a little talking to and overtook her, and ended up finishing in 2nd place lady overall… Absolutely on cloud 9! My time was 11 minutes quicker than the same race last year! 

 We got home, had some food then after a shower I started to watch a film with Grace, however after about 30 minutes I was fast asleep. Completely exhausted to the point that even just sitting up was such an effort! Knowing that I had a swim set to do later, I decided to MTFU and get up, made Simon and I a protein smoothie and we took Zeus for a walk. Feeling much better after that, we headed to the pool at 5, where we swam with Rick and Tom. My session was a main set of 4x200m fast, I know it’s silly but I felt good so did 5x400m fast…. All of them were under 6mins! 1hr later I’d done 3km, with rather a lot of chat breaks!

So this week has been pretty good, writing this on Monday morning, my legs are throbbing and I’m looking forward to next week’s holiday!  
In summary, this week:

Swim- 9,300m, 2:24

Bike- 50miles (plus another ~30 on the turbo- next week will be accurate!), 4:44
Run- approx 16.5miles, 3:28

Strength- 57mins

Not too bad! Looking forward to getting back to running this week, I’ve told my coach I’m starting to panic slightly about a 20mike race coming up so I’ve got authorization to fit in some longer runs this week 🙂 yay! I’m also planning a lot more meals from my new book Lean in 15, so prepare for some more pics next week!  

Anyway thanks for reading! X


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