Week Five… Ready for a Holiday šŸ˜“

Monday came around quickly as it so often does, after work I had the daunting task of a 2 hour run… It was meant to be a strength day but thanks to a girlie panic last week I asked Ellie if I could up the mileage to make sure I’m ready for a 20 mile race on Feb 14th. She agreed, so off I went… I set out on a familiar route and soon the miles were ticking by, and consistently around 7:53min/mile… Around marathon pace! I felt pretty good as I was pounding the pavements in the disappearing light, the route took me out along a main road then back towards home and then out on another loop before trudging back towards the house for 15 miles in 1:53! Absolutely delighted with how that had gone, I proceeded to stretch, shower and eat a ridiculous amount of food! A real confidence booster šŸ‘šŸ»  

Tuesday morning was another swim session, this felt tough after the previous evening’s long run. I always find it hard to remember how much the long run takes it out of you! But still, I got in done and 53 minutes later I’d done my 3000m. I’m rubbish at following my swim plans, the plan called for 3x500m fast… I did 5. I just seem to have it in my head at the moment that I must be swimming around 3km each time, silly really! Tuesday evening I procrastinated, as usual, by making dinner and tidying the house before getting on the turbo around 8:30 for a 1:35 session. The main set was 30 min Z3, 5 min easy, 20 min Z3, 5 min easy, 15 min Z3, 5 min easy…. I really struggled to get my heart rate up, even though I felt like my legs were working hard, after the 15 min warm up my heart rate was still only Z1-2! Needless to say I got rather frustrated, especially as Simon was turbo-ing too and managed to get his heart rate up straight away! Hmm. Anyway I ground it out and got it done, almost collapsing into bed afterwards!

On Wednesday I felt exhausted. My whole body felt tired, not muscle achey tired just drained. I had almost talked myself out of going to track and settling for a rest on the sofa with my feet up instead, but I decided not to be so lazy and headed off to track with Rick, knowing it would make me feel sooooo much better! The session was one of my favorites, after a warm up it was 400, 800, 1200, 1600 with 400 recoveries x2. I pushed as hard as my tired heavy legs would take me and finished the session, 8.86 miles in 1:08. Not surprisingly I felt much better after that and had a lot more energy!

Thursday morning was swim time again, off I went to the pool and swam hard for 53 minutes and another 3000m šŸ™‚ turbo time again Thursday evening, after some slight procrastination and toast! The session was a good one, main set of 4x5mins Z3 with the final 30seconds as a sprint. I did an extra 9 mins z3 with the final minute as a sprint. 1:11 and 20 miles later I was ready for my dinner! Another Lean in 15 recipe, this time piri piri prawns… And it did not disappoint!  

Followed by my first bag of the well known triathlete fuel, very nutritious mini eggs…  

Friday morning I was up early, had hoped to squeeze in a swim, but had the first part of a Bobath course which was in Hillingdon, which meant tackling the m4 in rush hour… Needles to say I didn’t go swimming! After a long day I had talked myself out of going swimming as the swim timetable didn’t fit in with the more pressing task of Dominoes and a movie… So I settled for a very easy 40 minute spin on the turbo instead and an early night as Simon was out. Of course I woke up when he got back and we were up chatting for an hour or so in the middle of the night!

Saturday morning came all too soon after little sleep, and off I went back to Hillingdon for day 2 of the course… Thankfully only half a day šŸ™‚ Saturday afternoon we took Zeus for a walk, then dropped him off at Simon’s Nan’s where he’ll be staying for the week. I had a swim and long run left for the week, knowing I wasn’t going to be able to do any training on Sunday we headed off to the pool, 40 minutes and 2500m later I was speedily changing into my running clothes and set off on my final workout of the week, the long run. 14.23 miles in 1:48… It felt gooooood!   

After some food we packed ready for holibops and got a relatively early night! So excited for our first real holiday together… Beach, sun, food and some training (of course!) 

So week 5 stats:

Swim- 2:14 and 8,500m 

Bike- 3:28 and 57.98 miles

Run- 4:54 and37.1 miles

All in all a pretty solid week of training! Don’t think next week’s numbers will be that good! But off to Abu Dhabi for a much needed holiday, can’t blooming wait!

Thanks for reading!


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