Weeks Ten, Eleven and Twelve… Where have they gone?!

So it’s been a while since the last update, nothing too terrific to report really, other than some fairly consistent training, a couple more 20 milers and my first of two 22 milers. Plus a lot of cycling.

Week ten saw a long ride of 60.81 miles during which I got very grumpy and hangry with Simon and Tom whilst cycling through the Windsor and Henley countryside… The hatred of cycling was going strong. We had our running club spring dinner dance that week too, which was fun- nice to get dressed up and have a bit of a boogie!  

I agreed on the Saturday night to do my long run the next morning with two guys from RRR, Ben and Jamie, who are much much faster than me but wanting to run 20 miles around 8 minute mile pace, something I really should be doing rather than running quicker. On Sunday morning I got up early, left Simon in bed with a hangover and headed to Jamie’s… 2:34 later we were back, having had a wonderful social easy long run of 20 miles at 7:47 average, not bad!

Week eleven was FULL ON… I took the Tuesday off as time owed from a course I’d done previously, and decided to have a heavy day of training… It started with a 3.1km swim, then a 50 mile bike followed by a 6 mile run in the evening. Needless to say I was pretty shattered that night! The rest of the week saw track, a bit of swimming and my first ride to work on the Friday, which was lovely! A nice route through country lanes, looking forward to getting easy midweek miles in this way! We headed to my aunt and uncle’s house down in Wiltshire Friday night and had a lovely evening with them, followed by a country walk before heading back on Saturday 🙂  

On Saturday afternoon I headed out for a long run- 16 miles, which was pretty good, followed by a tough leg smashing 71 miles around the Hampshire countryside on Sunday. Needless to say I won’t be doing my long run on a Saturday before a long ride again!  

Week twelve has been more about the cycling, with a cycle commute Tuesday, Thursday and Friday totaling over 90 miles. On Wednesday (Simon’s birthday!) I took the afternoon off with views to spend it together, however he’d not been organized enough to get the afternoon off… So I decided to move my long run to Wednesday, knowing I wouldn’t have time for 22 miles at the weekend!

It was tough. I took gels with me, and should have stuck to my nutrition plan of a gel every 5 miles, but I didn’t. I well and truly bonked arpund 16-17 miles, but plodded on to finish 22 miles in 2:47, averaging 7:38/mile… Pretty happy with that!  

On Wednesday evening we went out to Cau in Henley, a delicious Argentinian steak restaurant, and both had a massive 400g chunk of delicious tender beef… Happy days!! 
  On Saturday we headed to Woodley park run where we met up with friends Ellie and Ian, it was Ellie’s 50th parkrun and Ian agreed to pace her and I to try and go sub 20… It was an awesome run, felt really strong and despite feeing that I was going to throw up at the end I trotted home in 19:47… Absolutely over the moon!!!! After brunch Simon and I went into reading where I treated myself to some new trainers, deciding to branch away from my trusty Mizunos and try Nike…  

Sunday morning the alarm went off at a silly hour, and we set off for Dorking where we were taking part in the Surrey Cyclone Sportive, obviously choosing the longest race- the Epic 86 mile hillfest. Needless to say I was terrified, and after a few miles the hills came thick and fast. Having grown up with friends in that area I had a vague knowledge of what we were in for… Then the 21% hill appeared. 

It was brutal. People were getting off their bikes half way up, one guy’s chain snapped and it really really hurt, but I managed to stay on the whole way up and made it in one piece! 

After two aid stations, a few more hills (many of which I beat the boys up 👍🏻) and 86 miles later we rolled over the finish line in 5:50, averaging 14.8 mph over 5942ft elevation gain! I was pretty happy with that 😊    

 I even managed a 4 mile run with Zeus in the evening to really finish my legs off, averaged 7:08min/mile and felt pretty good! One of the few brick sessions I’ve done for a while, made me realize they’re not as bad as I had thought!  

So on to week thirteen, which will see Maidenhead 10 road race and an Easter Sunday 22 miler. Plus a bit of swimming and some cycling of course!

5 weeks to go until the London Marathon, getting excited… On Saturday I glanced at my strava run total and this is what I saw…   

Is it a sign?! Who knows, we shall find out on April 24th… Fingers crossed!

Enough of my ramblings, onto the next week!



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