Week Thirteen… A new race distance, a new PB!

I started the week off with a steady swim, the thought of getting back on my bike after the previous day’s 86 mile hillfest was just not an option! 

Tuesday morning I was back in the pool again, this time with Tom for a 3km splash. Starting to feel like my swimming is taking a nose dive, struggling to keep my 400s sub 6minutes… To be honest I’ve not been doing many structured sessions recently, been mainly just smashing out 3000m + sessions which evidently isn’t really working. The plan for next week is to get back in the zone!

Tuesday evening we went along to the Finch Coasters run session, a local club we’ve been running with before. It was a good steady 9 miles in the bag by the end which was nice to do at a more conversational pace and chat with other runners 😊 

Wednesday I cycled to and from work, the only cycling of the week 🙈 I had planned to do a run as well, but after getting home and showering I just didn’t feel like it.

On Thursday I headed back to the pool for another 3000m sesh, enjoyable? Not really. Slightly losing the love of the swim… Definitely time for a change up!

I got home to find my London Marathon number and registration magazine had arrived… Yippeeeeee! Excitement brimming!!  

I headed out for a short run Thursday evening to break in another pair of trainers… Adidas Boost (the more supportive Revenge model), and loved them! Quick turnaround and we headed out for dinner with friends in Reading.

On Friday (Good Friday),after an awful night’s sleep, I headed off with Grace to the Maidenhead 10, a local race perfect for burning calories that will be replaced with Easter eggs! I’d never done it before, and after a late night and rubbish sleep I really didn’t think I was in any state to run a PB or anything special.

It was such a beautiful day, when the gun went off I set out at 6:15ish minute miles… This didn’t last too long but I felt comfortable at 6:30-6:40 minute miles and pushed hard and dug deep to come home in 1:05:09… A time I never thought possible!!!   

To top it off, I was second lady for Reading Roadrunners and part of the team to win the Ladies overall team prize… A £10 voucher and some chocolate! Yippeeee!

The rest of the day was super chilled, after a bacon sarnie, Simon and I headed to Dinton Pastures Country Park with Zeus, he loved it!

 Saturday morning we headed off to Surrey Sports Park in Guildford for a swim in the 50m pool there. So lush! I managed 4km in 1:06, the longest continuous swim for a while. And for the first time in a long time my shoulder didn’t hurt at all whilst swimming… Result! 

Saturday afternoon, after refueling in Starbucks, we headed to some woods nearby with Zeus for a run. A very easy (but hilly) 5.6 miles with my boys 😊   

On Sunday morning after a long solid sleep, I got up and had my brekkie- porridge with some dried fruit and honey, and procrastinated a bit before heading out for my long run. Going out into this run I really didn’t feel up for it, I just wasn’t feeling it at all. I chose a new route and avoided main roads, opting for country lanes for a change, something I never normally do.   

As the miles went by, I felt good and started to enjoy myself quite a bit. I had lovely sunshine and blue skies for the first few miles… Then at around 13 miles the wind and rain started, sideways rain… Until at 15 miles when it started hailing. In my shorts and tshirt I felt like I was being stabbed by lots of little needles. I had to fight hard to keep the tears back… I was so tempted to ring Simon and give up. But I carried on, giving up isn’t something I do lightly! 22 miles later I arrived home, soaked, exhausted, freezing, happy, and relieved that the last run before London was OVER!!!   

Looking at the splits, it was probably one of the most consistent long runs I’ve ever managed… All sub 8 minutes and fairly even. Happyyyy! 

After a nice bath and protein shake it was time to enjoy Easter with our friends Corinne and Liam. We had an indoor bbq (thanks to crazy weather from Storm Katie!) followed by watching a movie and eating an absolutely disgusting amount of chocolate… Delish!

So a fairly strong week, lots of swimming (14736yds), a huge amount of running (51.3 miles) and not a lot of cycling (30.4 miles). 

Taper time now for London wahoo!



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  1. 50in50marathonquest says:

    Wow, nice run and amazing pace! I ran 21 yesterday through driving rain and hail though the sun did come out by mile 20! Nowhere near that pace though!! Taper time too for Salt Lake City, April 16…good luck in London!


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