Week Seventeen… Taper Crazies

So the week didn’t exactly get off to the best start… After waking up on Monday feeling ok, the day went steadily downhill until after work I dragged myself round Tescos to get some food to replenish the bare bare fridge before collapsing in a heap into the bath, closely followed by bed. I didn’t even feel up to managing a proper dinner… Not like me at all!

On Tuesday I woke up feeling awful, it felt as though I had been hit by a bus. Everything was tired, aching and generally felt weak. I persevered and headed into work, lasting a fabulous 2 hours before admitting defeat and heading home, feeling awful.

I had another bath, and took myself back to bed, where I slept for a couple of hours before feeling a little bit better. 

The cycle continued, I’d start to feel rough again- headachey, nausea and barely able to hold my head up, causing me to collapse on the sofa, before finally admitting defeat and heading to bed at around 8:45. 

Not ideal considering the London Marathon was only 5 days away…

On Wednesday I decided another day off work, nursing myself back to health would be the best bet, rather than exposing my already clearly suppressed immune system to the germs associated with an elderly care ward in a hospital.

More napping and resting ensued. 

Around 3pm I started to feel more human again, enough so that I dragged my sorry ass to track to plod (very steadily) round for 7miles with my friend Paul, an absolute legend, sounding board and generally great guy, who had run his first marathon at Manchester ten days previously. It was just what I needed and to my surprise, after 5 days off training with two good solid rest days, my legs felt fantastic! 

After a hearty (not so healthy) dinner of sausages, sweet potato and beans, it was off to beddie bies for me!

Simon’s alarm went off at 6:30, I had a day off work planned already, owing to some time in lieu for a course I’d done a few weeks previously and was planning to hit the London Marathon expo with some girls from the running club.

Feeling much better, I decided to head to the pool for a swim, and 3000m later I was feeling good!

The girls headed over to ours before we got the train to London, and we eventually navigated our way up to the Excel by midday.

After a Starbucks, we headed into the expo, picked up our numbers and posed for some obligatory piccies!   

The London Marathon expo never ceases to enthrall me. Even on my fourth visit it’s still a magical journey, that just makes the excitement for race day start to bubble up!

After a few hours wandering around, being extremely restrained while surrounded by so much delightful running kit and accessories, my most extravagant spend was a £15 15 min sports massage! 

We headed home after collecting as much paper in the form of flyers as could be necessary, arriving home around 5pm.

The rest of the evening was super chilled, and consisted of a dog walk, dinner, tv and another bath… Lush!   


Friday and Saturday were fairly uneventful, I was on a course until Saturday lunch time so it was quite good to take my mind off the big day that was looming! 

Friday morning I got my last little run in, 4 easy miles before I headed to Hillingdon for the course. Saturday afternoon was very chilled, I spent it baking and relaxing with Zeus and Simon and his cousin Tom when they got back from their cycle.

After a small glass of red to calm the nerves, and the usual bag of giant diary milk buttons it was off to bed to get some zzz’s before Sunday…  


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