It’s Been a While… 4 Weeks to go!

So I’ve been really lazy on the whole blogging front over the past few months, to be honest training seems to have pretty much taken over life recently! 

After London I pretty much got straight back into the routine of swim, bike, run… Exciting times when it warmed up enough for me to start open water swimming again! Nothing better šŸ™‚ and now I’ve found a lake near work, which means I can swim in the mornings, the best feeling!

So what’s happened in the last two months? Well, I raced Swashbuckler half ironman down in the New Forest with Simon and Tom… And had an absolute blinder of a race, for me anyway! As did the boys, with Simon coming home in 4:46, me in 5:04 (4th lady, gutted to have missed the podium by only 30 seconds!!!!!!!) and Tom making his debut appearance at the distance to finish in just over 5:30. A good day out for all!

Other highlights have included the return of a local 10k race series- Dinton Pastures 5km/10km series, organised by our lovely friends Ellie and Ian at Barnes Fitness. The first event was back in May, only a week or so after Swashbuckler. It’s a confusingly difficult course, in that it’s flat, but windy and on a surface that just seems to completely sap your legs! I ended up finishing 2nd lady, my best performance at that race so I was fairly happy!

Towards the end of May, Simon raced Outlaw Half in Nottingham with one of our friends, Liam. The boys both had a fantastic race, despite horrible weather and shocking road conditions… Both coming in under 5:00, which was awesome!

I had an exciting experience on May Bank Holiday, when I decided to bite the bullet and see what the excitement is all about when it comes to TT bikes… I purchased my first TT!

A Felt DA1, which I got second hand off a friend. A lovely bike, set up with everything you could possibly need (and so much more than I could ever need…) but since buying it, I’ve only managed to ride it a couple of times as things just keep going wrong šŸ˜¦ it’s currently in the bike shop, being fixed for the third time after bits fell off and it started making funny noises…

All in all the moral of my story for future reference for me… Never buy second hand, trust your gut and get it new! Haha. Here’s hoping it’s going to be fixed in the next few days so I can get out on it and get some miles in to see whether I want to ride it in Zurich… 4 weeks and counting, I just hope that’s enough šŸ˜¦

June has also been pretty good so far, I interviewed for a new job, and got it! So in August I’m off to be a respiratory physio again… Something I’m extremely excited about, also a little nervous as it was what prompted me to think about something other than physio in 2014, however I’m confident in the team and the role this time that I’m going to enjoy it šŸ™‚

On the same day as the interview I did one of my biggest training days to date, I had annual leave for the interview so made the most of a day off! 62 miles on the fateful TT with three stops to reattach one of the tri bars, followed by a 7 mile run to get to the second Dinton Pastures 10km, where I won! Couldn’t believe it! What a day!

Other than that, training has been going fairly well, I’ve had two weekends with a longish ride (60 miles followed by 100 miles the following weekend) with a 20 mile run the next day. And all has felt pretty great!

Until yesterday…

So you know how last year, this sort of time in June we went and attempted Ironman 70.3 Exmoor… and I had that nasty crash on a descent, in the rain? Yeah so that kinda happened again yesterday…

I was 45 miles into a Wiggle sportive in the Chilterns, 100 miles with Tom… The heavens opened, we were about 2 miles from feed station number 2 and I was squeezing my brakes super hard going down a descent when all of a sudden I was on the floor, underneath my bike, in agony from my left hip and elbow. GREAT! Well done Webb.

Needless to say, a bunch of other riders stopped to check whether I was OK, one of the rang for assistance, helped me onto my feet and out of the road (and rain) to shelter under a tree and wait for help.

Not only had I managed some pretty lovely road rash and a nice big hole in my elbow, I’d punctured both tyres and knocked the chain off… Good effort! While I waited for Tom to turn around and come back, and the medic guy to come patch me up I managed to get the chain back on, but started to get incredibly cold. I rang Simon in floods of tears… Why does this keep happening!!!!

Whilst being cleaned up a bit I thought I would be OK to carry on, but the longer I was standing there waiting for John (the paramedic) to finish, the colder I was getting and then all of a sudden the heavens opened again. I looked at Tom and just said, can we go home? He was agreeable so off we went into the back of the van that had come to help and home we went!

All I can say is OWWWWW… My shoulder, elbow and hip are all pretty sore, I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus and sleep was fairly non-existent last night! Great.

So 4 weeks out from Ironman, I’m covered in bruises and grazes, have a TT bike that doesn’t really work and have only managed one 100 miler… Kona potential? I think not somehow!

We shall see… 4 weeks, more miles and hard graft until Ironman Switzerland. The excitement has started šŸ˜Š



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