The Highs and Lows of Ironman Training… Two Weeks to Go!

Wow. So that’s almost another three weeks that have flown by since my last update… Time flies when you’re having fun eh?!

So what’s happened in the last 3 weeks then? Well thankfully no more crashes… Just a lot of mind games.

The weekend before last I set out for a ride with Simon, on the TT bike, and even wore his silly TT helmet… You know, the ones with the pointy end, haha needless to say I looked RIDICULOUS!! The ride went well, it was nice weather, good company and a relatively enjoyable route, although the roads tend to get slightly dull when you’re cycling the same ones over and over! I was planning to cycle 100 miles, the first 50ish with Simon and the rest on my own. 

We got to around 30 miles before Simon asked how I was doing, I felt good and was riding strong, the truth is I was bored. Bored out of my mind, the relentless pedaling… I’d had enough! So had he by the sounds of things, so we got to 50 miles before calling it a day. I then headed out for a run, a ‘quick hour brick’… Returning home after a cracking 10 miles! That made me feel pretty good πŸ‘πŸ»

Saturday evening we went to Simon’s cousin’s 40th birthday party, and met a couple of other triathletes there… I got the chance to talk ironman, which excited me quite a lot… What a sad life I lead! 

On Sunday I’d toyed with the idea of going out with Tom and Rick to do 100 miles down in the New Forest, but this would have meant a 5:30am alarm after getting to bed at almost 01:00… A non starter really! 

Around 10:15 I headed out on my own, again on the TT, and had a really good ride. I returned home around 60 miles later with my love of cycling rekindled, before heading off for a 6 mile brick. All in all a good weekend of training 😊

Monday morning I rose bright and early and hit the pavement for a longish run. In hindsight I probably should have had a rest day, as I’d not had one for a week, but I ended up doing 12 miles in around 1:28… 

Needless to say the cinema trip that evening was a complete waste of time, I fell asleep within about 20 minutes of the film starting… Even after coffee and ice cream!

Tuesday evening I hit the bike, run brick in the evening… 30 miles on the bike followed by a 2 mile run. It felt hard, but good. 

Wednesday morning was another early morning run… I’m loving these at the moment and will probably try and continue them even when ironman is over, there’s something totally awesome about getting up and out before the rest of the world is awake. Another 10 miles in the bag, on some pretty tired legs.

Thursday was a rest day, in preparation for heading to Wales on Friday to tackle the Long Course Weekend in Tenby…

Ah yes, last year I’d entered the swim, however it was a week after my spectacular hedge incident at Wimbleball… No swimming for me!

This year it turned out it wasn’t to be either. 

I had the afternoon off work, and headed down to Wales with Tom, leaving home at 2… By 6:45 we still weren’t in Carmarthen… Usually a 3:00 journey, it took us 5. 

Sitting on the M4 watching the time tick by I realized I wasn’t going to make it to the swim. Disappointed was an understatement. We got to Simon’s parents just before 7 and had a nice chilled evening with them instead. Looks like I’m not destined to do the LCW swim!

Saturday morning was an early start… 4:20 to be precise, as we had to get to Tenby to register for the remainder of the weekend by 6:30… Yay.

After a coffee and some ‘chill’ time to pass the horse before we kicked off at 8:15, Tom and I got our stuff ready and headed to the start of the bike.

Rain, wind and fog were the order of the day. Given my track record with hills and rain on the bike I was already feeling prrrrretty anxious. I’d had a bit of a wobble (a massive wobble) on Friday which had involved a lot of tears and panicking about what to do, whether to do the shorter bike, whether I was going to come off as the forecast was so awful… needless to say I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to start with. 

We set off together, but after about 10 miles or so Tom had shot off, fair enough… And as I was climbing a fairly long slow drag after 12 miles I thought ‘hmm, this feels harder than it should…’ Looked down and guess what? My back tyre was punctured! Argh! The first time I’d ever had a puncture in an event (that hadn’t involved falling off first)… Anyway I got myself together and fixed it, changing the inner tube and feeling very proud of myself! I set off again into the wind and the rain, down some fairly bloody steep hills… I realized I really wasn’t enjoying myself at all, and spending so much time feeling super tense it wasn’t a nice experience! 

Another 6 miles or so rolled on (slowly) and at around 18 miles I got another puncture 😫 I was only carrying one inner tube… I could have rung the bike mechanics to ask for another… My head just wasn’t in it though, paranoid I was going to come off my bike I really was miserable. I rang Simon’s mum instead, and 45 mins or so later she and his dad came to my rescue!

We had a lovely day together instead of the misery I would have experienced cycling! After going shopping for a whole new outfit (I was in wet cycling stuff with all my clothes in Tom’s car…) we had some tea and cake, followed by lunch, then waited for Tom at the finish!

A disappointment to not have finished the swim or the bike… But in hindsight, with two weeks to go until Ironman, probably a blessing.

On Sunday we headed back to Tenby, this time for the run… A chance to relax! My comfort zone!

I was doing the half marathon, and the boys the 10k. I started from Pembroke Cadtle, running back to Tenby and the boys from Manorbier. John and Paula dropped me off first, they waited with me for a while before they had to leave to get Simon to his start.

After a bit of faffing around, we made our way to the half marathon start line. It was funny as we joined the marathon route at half way, so were filtering in alongside the 26.2 milers… I ran past my friend Beth and her fiancΓ© Nick, and another guy from Reading Roadrunners… I felt good from the start, tackling the hilly course with determination and confidence, picking off runners as I went.

At about 2 miles I ran past Lucy Gossage… She never caught me! (Fair enough she’d done the full bike on the Saturday but still, she’s a pro!) and I just kept going, I ran some of the way with a man called Mark from Worcester, then a mile or so with a chap called Richard from my tri club (never met him before!), and as we headed back into Tenby I was running with only men… No girls in sight and as I crossed the finish line in 1:32 I learnt that I’d come 4th lady… Wahoo! After a rubbish rest of the weekend that was awesome! 

Simon and Tom did well in the 10k, Simon finished 5th overall and Tom ran a 44 minute something on not a lot of run training! Well done boys πŸ™‚

All in all not a bad couple of weeks, just need to sort the demons out in my head before the big day. 

Taper time now!



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