Taper Time… The Countdown Begins

Taper… Not normally my favorite thing, I generally struggle to sit still and its amplified during a taper where you’re meant to chill out and get some energy back… 

So far this one’s not been any different!

Monday was a rest day, followed by an early morning 4km open water swim on Tuesday.

Wednesday started the way it has for the last few weeks… 10 miles in the glorious sunshine!

I had some nice new Nikes that needed road testing… It was slightly slower than it has been for the past few weeks, thanks mainly to still feeling the hills in my legs from Sunday’s hilly hilly half marathon! 

Wednesday night I headed to body pump with my lovely friend Corinne… It’s become something of a routine, an easy way of fitting in strength training, and something I’ve started to really enjoy. Good to break up the never ending cycle of swim, bike, run! I went for slightly lighter weights than I usually do, taking it easier you see!

Thursday morning began with another open water swim, 3km this time on a gloriously sunny morning… Although it did make sighting slightly difficult!

Thursday evening was the third Dinton 10km. I had decided I wanted to take it pretty steady, and this was enforced by my friend Ellie… So I decided to pace a friend, Paul, round to see if we could score him a new PB! We set off at just under 8:00 miles, and sped up as the race went on. I was aware Paul was struggling so kept shouting words of encouragement, and at times felt like I was nagging- the constant ‘come on Paul, you can do it!’ felt a little patronizing, but he said it was encouraging and helpful! We trotted round in just over 47 minutes, a new PB for Paul by over 50 seconds and 3rd lady for me (somehow!!!) a successful evening! Simon came 2nd in the 5k so smiles all round ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Friday was a rest day, and after a lovely lie in and a day at work it was time for a sports massage… OWWWEEEEEEE!!!! 45 minutes of pain ensued, thanks to being really rubbish at stretching and foam rolling, oopsie ๐Ÿ™ˆ legs felt good afterwards though! Friday evening I went out for dinner with the new team I’ll be starting with in August, a nice distraction and good to meet some of them- I think I’m going to enjoy it! 

Saturday morning, after a very fitful nights sleep (Simon was out, I struggle to slee until he’s home!) I headed to the lake for a little paddle, 2250m which felt pretty good and despite wanting to carry on I behaved and got out. After a coffee and a bacon sarnie it was out on the bike with Tom, 36 miles later that was it for the day… Nice!

The rest of Saturday was like being a ‘normal’ person again, headed to ikea for a browse at house bits and bobbies then had some friends over for a BBQ in the evening… Lovely!

Sunday was fairly chilled as well, lazy morning followed by meeting Ellie and Ian for a coffee with their kiddos at The Look Out, before heading out for a steady 10 miles… It was HOT! Rewarded with a fruit pastilles ice lolly afterwards- amazing!

The start of week two of taper was fairly uneventful, one easy 2km swim and a 4 mile run along with lots of chilling and food! Wednesday I had the day off to relax, sort and tidy the house and get prepared… So I got my nails done and then chilled with Zeus in the glorious sunshine- obviously!

Feeling rather lethargic and legs are itching to go, mentally feeling quite calm and excited, but nervous as well! Can’t believe 7 months of training all boils down to this weekend. Simon has made predictions for Tom, Rick and my race times but is keeping them quiet… I will want to know it afterwards though obviously, just think knowing it beforehand might put a bit too much pressure on me!

Today we’re off to the airport to make our way to Zurich! Exciting stuff.

The journey begins now…



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