Race Weekend is Here… 

On Thursday morning we set off to Heathrow Airport, the taxi arrived at 8:15 and we had a minor panic trying to fit three bike boxes, a suitcase, 4 items of hand luggage and 4 relatively large human beings into a Mercedes van taxi… After a bit of a struggle we managed it!

A short while later, thanks to there being no traffic on the M4, we arrived at T5 and had a short wait before we were allowed to drop our bags. A swift move through security and it was time for breakfast! We headed to giraffe, a good mix of healthiness and tastiness!

A few hours to kill in the airport meant a bit of wandering around duty free, where I purchased some nice new Ted Baker sunnies, and obligatory chocolate for the plane! After a Starbucks it was time to board and get on our way to Zurich! The flight was fairly uneventful, a bit of dozing, bit of reading (I’m re-reading Chrissie Wellington’s autobiography, searching for some inspiration!) and before too long we landed in Zurich.

Another taxi ride to find our apartment, which was amazing!!!! Only downside was that it is on the 5th floor… That was fun with bike boxes, and no doubt going to be even more fun come Sunday evening/ Monday morning!

Quick turnaround in the apartment, after dropping off bags and changing into shorts, we set off for the Ironman registration… This involved a bit of power walking as it was a good 50 minutes away, and registration shut at 6… We left our apartment at 5 and made it just in time to get registered, but not look round the expo, saving that for Friday!

The obligatory photo with the Ironman banner!

We moseyed back towards the apartment, Ironman backpacks in tow, stopping off at a pizza place along the way for dinner… They even did gluten free, result!

After dinner we ventured to the shores of Lake Zurich for a little paddle and to take in the view before heading off to bed, it’s absolutely stunning.

Friday morning I was wide awake bright and early as it was so hot in our apartment which meant I really didn’t sleep very well! One of the perks of our apartment is that it has a roof terrace, so that’s where I headed where I was soon joined by Tom for some morning reading and breakfast. 👌🏻

After building up our bikes we went down to the lake and had a little paddle, it was nice to get in the water and swim a bit! Soon enough it was time to head back to Ironman registration this time for the race briefing. We cycled there which made the journey much quicker, and we had some lunch before sitting in a hot sticky tent along with a few hundred other athletes to listen to Paul Kaye tell us about the course and the events of Sunday morning and the rest of the day. There’s a few ‘danger spots’ on the bike course that were mentioned, which filled me with a bit of dread… Need to keep positive, and just be safe so that I reach the run. #PMA! While we were in the briefing the heavens opened and there was a huge storm going on overhead… Bit scary!!!

We wandered round the Ironman expo and shop after the briefing, I managed to spend a small fortune on Ironman merch… I didn’t feel too bad though as I’d only bought two t-shirts at Copenhagen so felt it was allowed! I came away with a T-shirt, IM Zurich run vest, IM Zurich long sleeve training top, hoodie, mug, visor and a lanyard (not really sure why I bought that but hey!). 

While we were wandering around the expo and heading down toward the swim start we bumped into Simon’s parents, which was nice! After a brief catch up with them we headed back to our apartment to relax for the evening, via the lake where we stopped for an ice cream!

Simon and I then headed to the supermarket to get bits for dinner- bolonaise sauce and rice for the boys with sweet potato for me, plus some salad… Tasty treats! Rick’s cousin Luke and Tom’s brother Matt arrived as we headed back from the shop, so we had a nice evening with them before the non-Ironmen ventured to the lake, leaving us to hit the hay!

A better nights sleep ensued as it had cooled down a bit, meaning we woke feeing fairly refreshed on Saturday morning. I headed up to the roof terrace where I had breakfast with Tom again, before Matt and Luke arrived… With a second breakfast!

The non-Ironmen headed out to do some touristy bits and scout out good spectator spots, while we chilled out and read, got bits and bobs sorted out etc.

Later on we cycled back to the Ironman event area to rack bikes and drop off bike and run bags, before heading home for dinner (tuna and pasta a la Chrissie Wellington!) before an earlyish night!

How am I feeling? I’ve had so many messages from friends sending good luck messages and asking me how I’m feeling… It’s hard to answer, I fee strangely chilled and calm, with the occasional wave of terror that sweeps over me. I’m excited, I know I’ve worked harder for this race than I did for Copenhagen, I also know it’s a harder bike course, the weather isn’t going to be as good and there’s so many variables over a race of this distance that it’s impossible to control them all. My plan is to give it the best I’ve got, I’m going to give it everything and hopefully that will be enough. If I get lucky and get to fulfil my dream of a trip to the Big Island then that would be amazing, but we will just have to wait and see…

#believetoachieve 💪🏻


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