Guess who’s back…

Wow… I guess it’s been a while hey! July seems like it was ages ago, which it was I suppose! Almost exactly 4 months since IM Zurich.

So what have I been doing? Erm, well, not much in the way of triathlon that’s for sure! 

The week after Ironman I started back training far too quickly in hindsight, which has left me unable to run pain free since the marathon. Initially it was diagnosed as plantar fasciitis, by two different physios, which led to a fairly frustrating time of not really knowing what to do for the best… ok so the first Physio I went to see (yes, I know, I am one so why couldn’t I treat myself I hear you ask… it’s not as easy as that, trust me!) didn’t seem to really know what she was doing, her assessment was quite frankly absolute SH*T as she only focused on the problem area, didn’t look at gait, posture or anything else. Initially said I was fine to run, then when I hobbled back in a week later after doing (racing) a Parkrun (and winning I must add), she then said no to the running idea. Well no shit Sherlock. And I was paying £50 a time for a Physio assistant to do a bit of massage then for her to get the ultrasound machine out- no thanks love. Hence the move.

Well. The next guy initially seemed to be ok, he got the acupuncture needles out, bit of soft tissue massage and some stretching exercises. No running allowed for a few weeks. Admittedly it did start to feel a bit better, so I asked if I could run when we went on holiday to see my family in New Mexico/ Texas for my brother’s wedding… the answer was a yes, because he knew as well as I did that I was going to do it anyway. It’s the most beautiful place to run where my Dad lives, so I couldn’t just sit around and wait while Simon ran, I had to do it too! 

To be fair, the foot didn’t feel too awful (if by not too awful you mean hobbling around after every run, feeling it the whole time while running…) while we were in the US, and I ran a fair bit, well more than I had done in a while, maxing out at 8 miles 💪🏻 

On return to the U.K. I lost faith in the Physio as he said he’d only be able to get my 75% better… urrrm I don’t think so!

After a few weeks of plodding through the pain, which included Birmingham Half Marathon (in a respectable 1:34, all things considered), a 15 miler and another 13.1 mile training run, I backed down, accepting that the pain was very much still there and that if I was going to toe the start line of another marathon I’d have to do something about it.

So on to Physio number 3! I immediately felt I trusted Mitch, almost as soon as I met him. A lovely, friendly, chatty guy who made me feel at ease and we chatted away during the first assessment, which I must add was very comprehensive- he checked my back, hips, knees and then feet and appeared to hit the nail on the head when he did a specific ‘talo-calcaneal’ joint test which almost made me yelp in pain- my pain, that no one else had managed to recreate. JACKPOT! 

Obviously this finding meant no running, naturally. As the joint needed to rest and recover from the overtraining and stress it had been put under, especially after me returning from ironman so quickly. 

Three weeks of no running followed, along with some exercises to work on my weaker glutes including single leg squats and Bosu ball work. I didn’t find the no running too difficult to accept this time, initially I launched myself into cycling and found that helped!

At my last appointment Mitch got me to run on the treadmill for 10 minutes, and it was fine… the first pain free bit of running in months!

On Thursday I went for my first run for a while, not expecting much. I did 6.7 miles at 8:04 min/mile average… and not a single bit of pain!! I was sooooo happy!!

Since Thursday the pain is kind of there again, it’s niggling, which is annoying. I was going to run Parkrun this weekend but didn’t think it a good idea… hey if anything I’ve learnt to listen to my body!

So fingers crossed for continued recovery and soon pain free running, I’ve got a marathon to start training for!

Thanks for reading,

K x


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