The Cycle Begins Again… Weeks 1-4 of VLM and IM Frankfurt Training

So this time around I decided to give the coaching thing a go again, after trying a few weeks with my friend Ellie back at the start of training for IM Zurich it was an obvious choice.

The plan started on Monday 5th December, as I’ve not been running for a while due to my foot (seems it’s a very up and down relationship I have with running at the moment!) the first few weeks have held a lot of cycling and swimming… no bad thing at all!

The first week’s focus was a lactate threshold test on the Wattbike… cue one VERY sweaty Katy! Three indoor bike sessions, three swims and a good 40 miler on the Saturday made first week that felt like I’d hardly done anything! Trust the process they say…

Week two’s focus was a Critical Swim Speed test to work out my target pace per 100m. Needless to say I wasn’t particularly looking forward to that!! I was rather chuffed to manage the 400m in 5:46 and 200m in 2:51… speeds I’ve not managed for a while! That gave me a CSS of 1:28 😊 not bad for December!

Other sessions in week two included two turbo sessions, a 50 miler and two other swims- one of which included 20×100… and I managed all of them at sub 1:30!!!! I had a go at a bit of running too… started with a slow 2 miles on the treadmill at the gym (9:00/ mile pace for a mile, followed by a minute walk, and repeated) with NO PAIN!! So naturally three days later I tried to run outside, and managed a comfortable 4 miles at 8:25/mile. On the Sunday I tested myself with a 6 miler… 8:00/mile average!

Week three was much the same, apart from the fact it’s nearly Christmas!!! Which meant a lot of prepping and festivities!

Training wise I’ve managed to tick off all the sessions set by Ellie- two Wattbike sessions, two swims- one with 12x200s! and so far one run (6 miles at 7:54/mile) it’s looking good going into Christmas weekend.

Christmas Eve saw a slog of a turbo session in the games room at Simon’s parents house… 2 hours of grinding and roughly 40 miles (optimistic turbo speeds I think) I hopped off the bike feeing happy I’d earned some Christmas calories!

Christmas Day was the standard morning run that I managed to avoid for the past two years somehow! I was VERY happy to be able to get it done 😊 7 miles along the coastal path at Pembrey accompanied by Simon and his brother in law Simon for some of it, I felt really strong the whole way, somehow managed to average 7:22min/mile! 

Boxing Day was another run, the day after was another turbo and the day after that another lovely run where I got to witness a beautiful sunrise 😊

I love Wales and the beautiful scenery, it is such a gorgeous place and I always enjoy running there. Needless to say I was less than enthused about returning to Berkshire and the joys of going back to work…

Thursday was a struggle! Getting up and going to work when Simon was still fast asleep and wasn’t going anywhere was hard!! I’d planned to swim in the morning as usual, but a panic at 4:00am and a quick check of timetables showed nowhere was open early enough! So a post work swim it was… 10x100m with paddles- which very helpfully snapped just as I was starting the session! Great!!!

Anyway Friday evening saw a turbo session with Simon to get the legs ready for the brutal Gutbuster on New Years Eve.

No satisfied with 10 miles of mud and hills cross country, I had to cycle the 15ish miles there and back too- cheers Els! I got it done though, and somehow managed to finish 5th lady with a time of 1:18:51 for the slightly long 10 mile course. After cycling home I was KNACKERED!!!

Well New Years Eve was a bit ridiculous really… what started as a nice civilized dinner party with some friends quickly descended into carnage. Every bottle of alcohol in our booze cupboard must have made an appearance…

As a result I thought I was DYING on New Year’s Day!!! Cue chundering and moving only from the bed to the sofa for the majority of the day… thank god for a scheduled rest day!!

So that brings us to 2017. The year of Ironman Frankfurt among other things. Here’s to some more consistent training, safe and successful races!



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