2017… What’ll it be then?

Goals. We all love to set them, but how many of them do we actually fulfill and meet? I’m awful, each New Year my goals tend to always be pretty much the same- lose weight, tone up a bit and be healthier… how generic?!

So 2017 I have decided it’s going to be different. Yes I know we’re now pretty much halfway through January, but does it matter? Who’s to say you can’t start a new regime on a Wednesday rather than a Monday? Absolutely no one! I’m currently on holiday in Florida with Simon and my Dad and his wife to celebrate his 80th birthday… there’s no way I could have started a new regime prior to coming out here, and no way I’m starting it while we’re here! It has however given me the perfect time to think about what I want to try and achieve from 2017…

1. Do what makes me happy– I made a pretty bold decision the day before we flew out on holiday, I handed my notice in at work with nothing lined up to go to. I have been miserable at work for the past few months, really not enjoying it and just feeling totally bored and undervalued. It got to the point where for the last few weeks I haven’t been sleeping and then last week I just burst into tears when Simon asked me how my day was. Not ideal! So after discussion with him, I made the decision to hand my notice in and use the 8 weeks to look for something that’s going to make me happier. We spend so much time at work that I totally believe you should do something you vaguely enjoy and life is to short to be miserable for 8 hours + a day!

2. Move more– So Ironman training aside, on my rest days and days I’m not running or only riding the Wattbike or turbo, I am going to try and achieve my 10,000 steps on my Fitbit. We’ve had a bit of a decline recently as Zeusdog has been a bit injured so hasn’t been out for many walks… but (fingers crossed) he’s OK now so that should be easier!

3. Meal prep like a boss– I’m a bit hit and miss with this one… good intentions don’t always come through unfortunately, sometimes life, and cravings, get in the way! But I am trying to be more organized when it comes to food, to enable me to try and hit my next goal… For example I have already planned out the meals for the next two weeks after we get back from holiday, and did an online shopping order which is being delivered the day we get home. Based largely on Joe Wicks’ #LeanIn15 we are going to have more tasty, healthy meals! My plan is to double the portions for dinner and have the same meal for lunch the next day, so that both Simon and I are having proper, healthy lunches to fuel us through the day and to give us energy for evening workouts. I had a massive ‘bonk’ last week when I’d done a hard swim session in the morning, then had a 1:10 Wattbike session to do in the evening, I flaked out as I was so hungry and lacking energy I couldn’t complete it! Here’s to sustained energy and smashing the evening sessions!

4. Tracking meals and (finally) hitting macros as best I can, while allowing myself a bit of slack at the weekends…– so with a little help from that lovely little app MyFitnessPal and some advice from my aunty who is a nutrition and image coach, hopefully that pesky pie chart will show some slightly better ratios… we shall see. I’ve read a bit about If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) and like that way of thinking… I.e. If you know you’re going out for dinner and want a dessert, save some calories and make sure you hit your protein etc earlier on in the day. I think…

5. Being more decisive and better at making decisions! This is important as I’m totally rubbish at any form of decision making. Especially when it comes to what Simon and I are doing etc. for example yesterday we went out for lunch and I was all ‘I don’t mind…’ which I totally get is seriously frustrating for him! We are going to Naples, Italy in April for a few days and he’s set me the task of planning our trip itinerary, finding ways to get around and things to do… eek! I am excited though! 😊

6. Be more positive– I am so quick to see the negatives in things, sometimes I tend to totally oversee the good things that have happened or that are going on around me. I aim to come up with AT LEAST one positive thing about my day each and every day. It doesn’t have to be big, I just need to start noticing them!

Basically in 2017 I want to become the best version of me. As cheesy as it sounds, my aims are to be healthier, happier and better!

Set those goals and SMASH ‘EM!

K x


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