Hello February!

So the first month of 2017 has been and gone. Well that was quick! 

January is always a tricky month, people tend to have no money as the gap between pay days feels like forever, it’s cold and it seems like a long time to summer! 

However this January has been pretty good, we’ve had a week away in the sunshine to celebrate my lovely Dad’s birthday, then I had my birthday which was spent down in Wales with Simon’s family and was awesome, and we’re starting to make some exciting plans for the future! 

Yes there have been downs too, I’ve had a few rejections from jobs I’ve applied for and interviewed for, which is always hard to take… especially if you’re the only one going for the job 😬 

I’ve had a couple of ‘wobbles’ where I’ve really wondered whether I’ve done the right thing in handing in my notice. It was something I’d thought long and hard about and I know it’s the right decision, it’s just hard to deal with not knowing what it is exactly I want to do. I’ve moved jobs every 8 months or so for the past 3 years, and I’m desperate to find the job that’s going to pin me down. One that I can see myself in for a long time. One that’s going to captivate me, challenge me and give me the fulfillment and enjoyment I am looking for. 

In an ideal world I would love a job that combines work with triathlon, something at the moment I can only dream of I think! Having no industry experience (apart from as an athlete) I started to think getting a job in that industry is going to be pretty hard… after two knocks from triathlon/ swimming brands I’d started to give up hope to be honest.

Isn’t it funny how sometimes going out on a limb can prove a good idea?

Well back in December I sent my CV across to a number of companies, one of them happened to be the U.K. Number one wetsuit brand (I’ll let you work that one out…) and after not hearing anything I spoke with the director a couple of weeks ago, then all went quiet again.

Anyway to cut to the chase I had an interview on Thursday and low and behold was offered the job! It’s a sales executive role for one of the biggest tri brands in the U.K. Split between them and their sister company which specializes in branded sportswear and event merchandise… wahooooooo!! It just goes to show that sometimes good things do happen! 😊

So I start at the beginning of March and am really excited, and a little nervous, about embarking on a new adventure. I’ve got high hopes for this company and role and am feeling really positive!

In other news we are sorting out our house to get it put on the market to sell and have started the house hunt in Surrey. Exciting times indeed!

Training seems to be going well too (suppose I should mention it given the name of the blog!) and in January I managed a sub 20 min Parkrun, close to my PB, which after the few months of running I’ve had I’m pretty pleased with! Marathon training is underway and I’ve ticked off a couple of 14milers and a grim 16miler last weekend, so fingers crossed the foot holds out for London! 

January mileage: 

Swim- 26,225 meters

Bike- 94 miles (not great!)

Run- 119 miles

Anyway, enough rambling for now… I’m going to get back into writing more regularly as I’d forgotten how much I enjoy it! 

Thanks for reading 🙂


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