The ‘D’ Word…

I’m not a fan of the dreaded ‘D’ word, not one little bit. (I’m talking about Diets…) I just think as soon as you get in the mentality that you’re on a diet it’s associated with denial and feeling guilty if you slip up. So I’m not on a diet.

It’s a ‘lifestyle change’!

I’m working closely with my aunty who is a nutrition advisor, to overhaul my diet and try and beat my sugar addiction.

And so far it seems to be working! 😊

Apart from a couple of slip ups at the last two weekends, which involved a three course meal and half a bottle of red one weekend and A LOT of prosecco and general crap last weekend at my bezzie’s hen do (🙈) I’ve been doing pretty well even if I say so myself! 

I’m tracking religiously on MyFitnessPal, something which I thought would be a real pain, but it’s actually pretty good and really makes you think more about what’s going into your body and helps make better food choices. I’ve set my calorie goal as 2250 (based on weight, height and goal fat loss) with a macro split of 45% carbs, 35% fats, 25% protein. And so far I’ve hit them almost spot on the past couple of weeks! 😊

And I’ve already started to feel much lighter and as though some of the belly flab is shrinking 🤗 still got a way to go but from 76kg when we got back from our holiday in January I’m now around 74kg… getting there slowly. Still another 5kg I’m looking to move so lots more work to do! I’m hoping that being a little bit lighter will help me get faster, particularly over the marathon… and I’m determined not to gain weight during this round of marathon training!!!

Meals the last two weeks have been pretty quick and easy, I did a big batch of mince last Sunday which we had Monday night and Tuesday, and I did a batch of chicken breasts which we’ve had with salad and pitta bread the first half of the week with some chicken sausages and roasted veg for the rest of the week!

I’m finding that making sure I eat every few hours, just a snack, is key. So I’m munching on oatcakes, nuts and raisins and the odd Nine Bar before a gym session. I also did some baking on Sunday and made banana bread but halved the amount of sugar in the recipe- it still tastes amazing!

So all in all trying not to be obsessed, easier said than done, but I’m actually enjoying eating well and feeling slightly more full of energy! 

Training wise, last week was just about 11 hours:

Swim- 6750m, 1:45

Bike- 4:00 including one 2:00 Wattbike sesh!

Run- 38 miles, 4:56 including a 10 miler whilst on the hen do and 15 miles with a hangover when I got home!

This week looks set to be around a similar volume of hours, including a 20 mile race on Sunday… my first race of 2017! I managed to knock 20 minutes off my 2015 time last year and finished in 2:26, so I’m hoping for somewhere similar to that, I managed to hold 7:36ish on my 15 miles on Sunday with a hangover so we shall see…!

So continuing with the healthy eating, regular fueling and making sure I try and hit my macros I am loving Ironman Journey number 3 so far!


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