Week 12… 

DOMS… I woke up on Monday with a baaaad case of them following Sunday’s 20 mile race! Maybe I pushed a little hard for a ‘training’ run… but it was probably the lack of stretching and rolling afterwards that contributed to it 🙈 

Monday evening, despite it being the last thing I wanted to do, I dragged my sore body to the gym for a Wattbike session… and do you know what, it helped. 1:30ish later after a steady Z2 spin my legs definitely felt a bit better. Certainly not 100% but a bit of the way there! 

Simon had said last week that he was taking over the cooking this week as apparently my healthy meals are too boring… I felt pretty anxious when he said this, which was a bit wierd! I let it go and he’s been doing the cooking this week! Monday’s post Wattbike feast was gammon, egg, chips and beans. Not my first choice but it was bloody good! Sometimes you can’t beat a bit of comfort food!

The 5:40 alarm on Tuesday wasn’t particularly well received, but off to the pool I went for another Barnes Fitness special… 4 x 1km each with a different focus. I must admit when I saw this session my heart sank somewhat, but once I was into it and especially afterwards I felt amazing! 1km build, 1km different stroke every 4th length, 1km breathe every 5 every 4th length, 1km fast  as possible… my arms were shot by the end!!

I had swapped around the sessions for Tuesday and Wednesday evening as I was supposed to be meeting my new boss in Guildford on Wednesday so knew I wouldn’t have any time to do my brick session, so did it on Tuesday… and triathlon Tuesdays were born!

A 1:13 Wattbike session followed by a 45 minute run = a very sweaty, tired Katy! But felt amazing! And I definitely earnt the many many calories I went on to consume at Zizzi with Ellie and some girls from the running club. It was lovely to be out with the girls, haven’t seen them for ages so was good to have a good catch up! And of course some yummy food! ☺️

Wednesday’s alarm was even easier to fit the bike session in before work… I was on my turbo by 5:30 😳 and a bit nervous as I’ve been really struggling to get my heart rate up high enough on the turbo. It seems to take about 30 minutes to get into Z2! But I had a good session, and 1:15 later I was dashing into the house to get ready for work. Felt amazing to have got a good workout in that early if I’m honest!

After all that though, my meeting was cancelled after work, so I headed home and took Zeus for a walk before collapsing on the sofa and falling asleep… oops!

Thursday was another early start to get to the pool before work for another 3.6k swim. Loving these long swim sets Ellie is setting me at the moment 😊 That evening I made a malteaser cheesecake to take to friends for dinner on Friday, before I hit the tarmac for a run, steady with 8 x 45 sec efforts… naturally I went for 10 instead haha! 10 miles later the pizza we had for dinner was very much wanted!! And then I collapsed into bed feeling oh so ready for my rest day!

Friday was the rest day, two dog walks with Zeus and a lot of food!! 

Another hideously early alarm on Saturday morning… I had planned to run 20 miles and end up at Parkrun to meet Simon then run that before going for breakfast… I did, and it was hard! The 20 miles was really difficult, a combination of wind and heavy legs, still feeling some of last weekend’s race plus a heavyish week of training meant it wasn’t particularly quick. I dreaded starting to run again after the 20, but Parkrun went surprisingly smoothly. Managed to average 7:46 min/ mile for the 5k, which after 20 miles at 7:49 min/ mile wasn’t too bad! And breakfast afterwards was deeeeeelish! I went for a smoked haddock and potato cake with bacon, hollandaise sauce and a poached egg 🍳👍🏻

I spent the rest of the day with some friends in Reading, we went for pizza and I did some shopping to buy clothes for my new job… going to be a bit of a shock to the system having to choose what I wear every day rather than grabbing trackies and a polo shirt! ☺️

A bit of a lie in on Sunday… 7:00! I squeezed in an extra session- a relatively easy swim session, 3.2km in a virtually empty lane! Followed by hot cross buns for brekkie before heading out for the last session of the week… 3 hours on the bike. I was really not keen to go out at all, feeling tired and like I just wanted to chill with Simon, but the bike being my weakest part I need to work as hard as I can on it. So out I went, and I headed for my favorite hill, Pishill near Henley… somewhere I’ve not been since before Zurich. It was good to get back out there and get some bike miles in the tank, even if it was mega windy! 

So another good week, ticked off all the sessions, almost 15 hours of training and I’m feeling good, knackered, but good! 

Swimming- 10900m, 2:57!

Cycling- 102 miles (plus a Wattbike session I didn’t record), 6:54

Running- 38.9 miles, 5:00

8 weeks to London, 19 weeks to Frankfurt ☺️


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