Week 13… End of an Era

So last week was my last week in navy and white… after handing in my notice 8 weeks ago, the time finally came for me to hang up my stethoscope and tracksuit bottoms and move on from physio. A fairly daunting step but I’m excited!

Training wise, I gave it a good go. Started the week with an easy 7.5 mile recovery run before work. With legs that felt like lead after Sunday’s 20, it was good to get out and get them moving a bit. Plus it was light pretty much the entire way round my run… a first for the early morning runs!! After work I went for dinner with one of the nurses, Liz, another fellow runner which was lovely. We went to Wagamama for a chili chicken ramen, some gyoza and edamame beans followed by a naughty trip to Creams for the most enormous ice cream sundaes! Proper stuffed by the end!!

Tuesday morning was a 1.5km swim test, I did a bit of a warm up and some splashing around afterwards to make it up to 3km. After work it was back to the gym for a Wattbike session. 

Well, what a disappointment. I struggled to get my heart rate above 115ish for ages. What should have been a 15 min WU, 4 x 15 min Z4, 30 min Z3, CD turned into a 15 min WU and 35 min Z2/3 spin… it just wasn’t happening. I felt knackered, lacking motivation and just not in the zone at all. After exchanging some messages with Ellie I felt a bit better. She also told me to run for enjoyment in my morning run rather than doing the session.

And enjoy it I did! 7 miles, 7:52 min/ mile average and a thoroughly enjoyable run for the first miles of March!

After work I headed to the Zone 3 offices to meet my new bosses, and discuss the new role. I feel a bit overwhelmed and like I have a lot of learning to do, but I think it’s going to be a good one 😊 although it did take me an hour and a half to get home… not ideal! (This week on my week off between jobs I’m going to do a test run on the train to see if that’s a bit quicker!)

Thursday morning I headed back to the pool for a ‘choice’ swim session. I did a warm up then a build session of paddles and pull/ swim, total 3.5km 💪🏻 

At work, we had my leaving lunch as a group of nurses were on a conference on the Friday which meant they weren’t going to be around. It was a lovely small affair, lots of yummy (bad) food! One of the ladies had a cake made for me with ‘Bye Bye Katy’ on it! And I got some lovely flowers, a cute little Cath Kidston pot with a Westie on it and a voucher for Nirvana Spa! Lucky girl!

After finishing work a little bit early, and with the sun shining and a few hours of daylight left, knowing I had a brick session to do I decided to take the roadie out for a spin instead of hitting the gym… 17.1 miles in an hour later, I was back. It was glorious, the only worry was that my bike was making some rather odd noises! Still, off I went for my brick run of 6 miles- decent! Thursday evening I headed out to Pizza Express with some girls from our running club for a catch up which was lovely!

Friday morning marked my last day as a Physio… it was wierd, it was the busiest day I think I’ve had in the whole 7 months of working there! Haha! It was a strange feeling leaving, knowing I won’t be putting my Physio skills to work again… but I am excited for what the future will bring!

Saturday morning I had planned to go cycling with a friend, however Simon had a look at my bike after I mentioned about the noise it had been making, and it turns out there’s a fair bit wrong with it! So off it goes to the bike shop… after cancelling the ride, we headed round to his Nan’s house as she’d been poorly all week. We ended up spending most of the day there doing cleaning and tidying- blitzed her kitchen and bought her a new microwave, kettle and a few other bits as the old ones were in a bit of a state! I eventually made it to the gym for a Wattbike session instead of the 3:30 ride that had been planned. Not quite the same but I did a 1:20 interval session- 15 min WU, 4 x 15 min Z4, CD, as we had to head off to Ellie and Ian’s for dinner so was time pressured!

A lovely evening with lovely company 😊we had a yummy salmon and salad dinner, followed by ice cream sundaes and a game of monopoly! It was great, until around 10:45 when I was suddenly hit by exhaustion! Off home we went!

Sunday morning saw a bit of a lie in, before breakfast of a hot cross bun and a banana (in hindsight, not enough!!) and I headed out for my long run around 9:15.

20 miles of plod ensued. Stupidly I set out far too fast, and avoided having any energy chews until around 14.5 miles when, funnily enough, I began to tire! The last 5 miles were horrible, I was knackered and just wanted it to be over. Eventually it was, 7:49 min/ mile average, the last 5 were all over 8:00 min/ mile because of my stupidity! Ah well, it was done. A recovery bath and some chocolate milk, followed by eggs, bacon and beans and I felt a lot better!

So all in all a pretty good week! 

Swim: 6500m, 1:47

Bike: 17.1 miles outside, plus the Wattbike sessions, 3:23

Run: 41.4 miles, 5:24 my biggest week in running for a while!

So a week off work this week, hopefully lots of training, but also lots of chilling and catching up with friends which I am really looking forward to before the new challenge starts!


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