8 Weeks to Go… 

My week started with a rest day this week… I always hate rest days, but I know how important they are to let the body recover, repair and build to allow training to take effect. I also know how exhausted I get if I skip them! So rest I did, the most strenuous thing I did wash mash some bananas to make ‘healthy’ banana muffins!! 


They weren’t too bad, obviously being sugar, gluten and dairy free (I used almond milk, Doves Farm gluten free flour and also sub’d coconut oil for the olive oil) they’re a little dry but definitely edible!

Anyway, back to the important stuff… Tuesday morning my alarm went off bright and early again at 5:30, time for the first lake swim of the year!!! It was quite a cloudy morning, my car said the temperature outside was around 13 degrees… bit fresh! 

Off I went to the lake, wrapped up in a hoodie, bobble hat and ugg boots in preparation! 

After chatting a bit to the guys running the lake, and establishing it was a fresh 12 degrees, it was time to just go for it and jump straight in! 

Wow. It was cold!!! I did the usual dunk under the water and let some into my wetsuit brrr! I set off pretty pronto for my first lap. It’s a 400m lap at the moment, it didn’t feel bad at all once I got going, although I couldn’t really feel my feet…

5 laps, 2380m (somehow) later I emerged like a swamp monster from the depths… time for a hot shower and a coffee! Met some nice chaps and had a bit of a natter before heading off to work feeling rather happy with myself!

After being stuck indoors all day I was desperate to get out and get on my bike Tuesday evening, so headed out with Simon for a quick spin before the sun set- lush 😊 16.9 miles in 59:42 on the TT. Only problem was the gears were stuck in the granny ring, not entirely sure why but possibly because the battery for the Di2 gears needed charging… my legs span at what felt like a million revs a minute on the flats! 

Was nice to get out though 😊 followed it with a yummy chicken stir fry for dinner, mmmm!

Wednesday morning it was back to the lido with Ffion for another sesh, 300 warm up, 5×400 efforts, 900m steady, 10×50 sprints, 200 cool down. A good sesh and it was over before we knew it, so lovely to be in the open air as it was such a gorgeous morning! Struggled to hit the pace on the 400s though, a few weeks ago I was easily hitting sub 6:00 but just couldn’t get there. I don’t know if it’s the 50m distance or the open air and wind, or just that I’m a bit knackered and shit at the moment! Anyway I enjoyed it, beautiful sunshine all round 😊even remembered flip flops so didn’t get freezing cold feet walking to and from the pool!

After staring out of the window (the tiny bit of window I can see in the office 😫) and then getting stuck in traffic causing it to take me 1:30 to get home, walking through the door at 7pm I was pretty frustrated. Coupled with Wednesday being my mum’s birthday I felt a bit sorry for myself 😞 I had a run session to do and really didn’t feel like it but ended up going for a ploddy run with Simon instead, which really helped. Such a glorious evening, although my legs felt dead, really heavy and tight calves, but seemed to ease slightly as we got going! 5 miles (av 7:53/ mile) later I felt a lot better mentally, just a bit perplexed and frustrated with my slow effortful pace. 

After falling asleep pretty much as soon as my head hit the pillow, my alarm went off at 5:20… feeling a bit confused why I got up, quickly remembering it was for a ride! I’d decided to take my ride outside this morning, and knowing I only had an hour it needed to be a decent effort. I wrapped up as it was freezing, and got the roadie out of the garage and off I went.

It was beautiful, the sun was just creeping up into the sky and with hardly anyone else on the road (until I started to head home) it was amazing. I’ll definitely be doing this again! 17.2 miles in 1:00:43… Fast for me on my road bike and a little bit of confidence back in the tank! Happy days 😊

Thursday evening was the first of the Dinton 10k Summer Series, usually some of my favorite events of the year! After a mad dash home to pick up Zeus I made it to Dinton in good time to get my number etc. and it started pouring!! Yay! I met up with a friend from Finch Coasters, Sophie, and her husband Mike, who was going to look after Zeus while we ran. Soon enough it was time for the start and off we went. 

I set out pretty quick, although soon realized there was no way I was going to be able to hold the pace… my legs were just dead. I felt like I was really blowing hard but not getting anywhere quick! I backed off a bit after the first lap and just decided to run steady to the end. 

Somehow with the most randomly paced and un-racey race effort I managed 2nd lady… although the winner was sub 40!Total  fluke!!

Afterwards I went to the Wheewright Arms, a pub near Dinton for dinner with Sophie and Mike and Simon joined us. It was delicious! I had a chicken and chickpea salad with some sweet potato fries, so good! And we shared 2 dessert sharing platters between 3 of us as Mike’s willpower is a lot stronger than the rest of us clearly! We polished it all of pretty much… 🙈

Friday morning and another 5:30 alarm… back to the lido for a swim. This time on my own. 300m easy, 400m paddles, 5x300m effort, 400m paddles, 400m easy mixed… dead!

Friday afternoon I had a text from a friend saying he’d had a small stroke, which came as quite a shock as he’s young and fit… you just don’t think that would happen. Simon and I popped to the hospital to see him that evening which was good.

Saturday morning was yet another early start for me… long run to get done! Up, fed and out the door by 6:10, I had a lovely run round Wokingham and out into the countryside, quiet roads and not many people around- lush 😊 felt pretty good most of the way until around 15 miles when I really started to tire. Got it done though 😊

The exciting reason for having to get my long run done by 8:30 was that I was off to do a cake decorating class at The Cake College in Swallowfield, my Christmas present from Simon 😊 it was amazing! We learnt how to put a cake together (piping the buttercream in the middle- who knew?!) and crumb coat the outside of the cake to make it nice and smooth for when you ice it…

The next step was to ice the cake, something I’ve never been good at as I always get wrinkles and lumps but the technique we were shown, along with some simple tools made it really quite straightforward. I even managed to get some sharp(ish) edges! 

The finishing touch was a teacup decorated with edible paint to be placed on the top… harder than it sounds!

Pretty happy with that! Not bad for a first proper attempt eh?! We enjoyed a slice of it Saturday evening with some friends… yum!

On to Sunday, a bit of a lie in, and my day started with a huge panic as my garmin hadn’t charged, and wasn’t charging when I plugged it in… I spent about an hour trying to get it to work before Simon suggested draining the battery and going from scratch, which thankfully worked! I even reset it so lost all my records and race predictions! Will be good to set new ones 😊 pancakes for breakfast definitely helped 👍🏻

Sunday was a brick session, 3:30 bike and 1hr run off for me, Simon joined for a bit of the bike and we cycled to meet our friends Emma and Russ. It was a beautiful day, we did a lovely route and ended up doing 62.5 miles in 3:45:37, lush. I wasn’t overly keen on going for my run, feeling knackered and starving I set off and had a great one- 8.5 miles in 1:05:10, 7:40min/ mile average 😊 happy!

Training done, it was BBQ time with Emma and Russ, such a lovely end to a good week.

So totals:

Swimming: 9380m, 2:32

Cycling: 96.7 miles, 5:46

Running: 37.3 miles, 4:48

No wonder I’m knackered!!


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