Taper week… tired tired tired!


So the week started as it has recently with a rest day, this time though I felt I really needed it! I was absolutely exhausted from the weekend, and felt absolutely drained. Work was a bit of a struggle!

Monday came and went fairly uneventfully… oh apart from we had our first Hello Fresh delivery which was rather exciting!! This is basically 3 meals that get delivered with all the ingredients for you to make them, takes the boredom and stress out of everyday cooking, we had a code for a free trial so thought we’d give it a go! Meal 1 was pan fried bream with new potatoes and tomato salsa. It was deeeeeeelish!

This week wasn’t going to be very heavy training wise ahead of Sunday’s half ironman at Swashbuckler, a race I did for the first time last year.

Tuesday started with a 5:30 alarm, off to the lake I went, rather sleepily but thankfully it was a whole 2 degrees warmer than last week at 14 degrees- wahoo! It meant I didn’t completely lose feeling in my toes this time, result! Just over 3.3 km done before work 🙂

Tuesday evening was another ride, I whizzed home from work and jumped on my bike making the most of being home in good time! I managed 23.2 miles in 1:14, averaging 18.6mph… Although after about 12 miles my chain came off and got wedged between the frame and the inner chain ring. After a lot of tugging, and a random man on a mountain bike stopping to help (I love that about cycling, when people are friendly it’s great!), I was back on my way. The last 13 miles of the ride the gears kept jumping and the bike was making a pretty odd noise. Turned out on inspection when I got home that the chain had bent when I’d tried to free it. Oops! Thankfully it was a pretty easy thing to fix, and Simon was able to do it for me 🙂 he’d even made Hello Fresh dinner number 2… risotto with Italian sasuages, before I collapsed into bed!

Wednesday morning I headed to Guildford for a run before work. 6 x 3 min efforts, I ran on the roads as opposed to the track to break it up a little, and thoroughly enjoyed it! A beautiful morning, I felt good and pushed pretty hard. I finished up with a bit of stretching and some arms/ abs in the gym.

It was just a single session on Wednesday as I met up with my lovely friend, Nikita, for dinner which was good. Lots to catch up on as hadn’t seen her for ages! We went to Giggling Squid in Wokingham… delicious Thai food!

Thursday morning was another bike sesh, another quick blast out on the roads before work. This time on the roadie and I managed 20.3 miles in 1:09, averaging 17.3 mph. Happy days! 

Thursday evening after work I went for a quick dip in the Lido with the work gang to test some wetsuits, which was fun! I didn’t stay long as I headed to Ellie’s for a sports massage… OWWWWWWW!!!! My legs really needed that, quads were pretty much solid! I felt a lot better after that, and started to feel slightly more ready for Sunday’s race. And again, I got home to another Hello Fresh dinner courtesy of Mr Elsbury, Mexican tostadas – taco style beef mince with guacamole and cheese, again seriously yummy!

Friday morning was the last training session of the week, a lido swim with Ffion. I decided to cut it slightly short as I was feeling really exhausted and had absolutely no energy, so we did 3.3km instead of the 4.1km which was on the plan. Not too bad, and once I got going I had a pretty good swim, enjoyed it at least!

That evening we headed over to Ellie and Ian’s for homemade pizzas, which was lovely. A great evening with lovely friends just nattering away and eating yummy food!

Saturday was a rest day ahead of Swashbuckler. I had a lie in… 8:15… it was amazing!!!! Then took Zeus for a walk, bathed him, did some house work and started packing before heading to meet my friend Liz and her boyfriend for breakfast. We went to The Chequers in Eversley, it was so good! I then went and had my nails done ahead of the race… it’s become something of a tradition!

Saturday afternoon we headed off to the New Forest to get registered for the race and then to Liam’s mum’s house where we were staying. A lovely chilled evening and a reasonably early night ready for the 4am wake up…

So taper week training totals:

Swim – 6600m, 1:45ish

Bike – 40.5 miles, 2:23

Run – 6.7 miles, 50 min

Next stop, Swashbuckler Middle Distance Triathlon… the first tri of 2017!



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