Six Weeks to go…Β 

The week started with a rest day again, although this time I was still on a high from Sunday’s race 😊 I worked from home, which even meant I got a lie in!

And after work headed into London to meet one of my best friends from uni, Lisa for dinner and a catch up. Main at Wagamama followed by our fave dessert at Pizza Express… the waitress thought we were a little odd turning up to Pizza Express for pudding! Chocolate fudge cake for Lisa and a chocolate glory with brownie for me… soooo good! The long slow train journey home meant it was a late night for me, I was in bed just before 11:30!

Tuesday morning was a lake swim with Ffion from work, an absolute stunner of a morning and we did just over 3500m in an hour.

Tuesday evening called for a ride with Simon, it was such a lovely evening and we did just over 22 miles in 1:11, not bad! Dinner was our first Hello Fresh meal of the week… chimichurri steak with spinach and new potatoes πŸ‘ŒπŸ» soooooo good!

After an unintentionally late night (catching up on Made in Chelsea πŸ™ˆ) I was up early again for a trip to the Lido with Ffion and her boyfriend Alex for a 3.8km sesh made up of a 200-800 pyramid… ouchies! We managed the swim in 58:12 πŸ’ͺ🏻

Wednesday evening was a run, my plan said 1:30, but I was too hungry and it was really hot so just did an hour with Simon… (excuses!!!!) dinner was another delicious Hello Fresh meal of lamb and chickpea curry. Yum!

Thursday morning I opted for a lie in instead of the bike session I’d been planning to do, which I later regretted as it took me 1:45 to get to work 😳 I was in such a bad mood all day, I really should have done my ride in the morning as I ended up doing it in the evening and didn’t really enjoy it too much to be honest. 20 miles in 1:08 which was ok but part of the ride was into a headwind, my legs felt heavy and I really wasn’t feeling it! But still, miles are miles and I got them done! The last Hello Fresh of the week was salmon tarator, with bulgar wheat for Simon and salad for me!

Friday morning was the track session I’d been putting off all week… 10 minute warm up, 1600, 1200, 800, 400, 400, 800, 1200, 1600 with 400 recoveries and a warm down which totalled 9 miles. I started at 6:45 and it was already 17 degrees! It was SO hot by the time I finished!! I even did the whole session in just my sports bra, flabby stomach out and all… too hot to care!

Up early again on Saturday morning, largely because I couldn’t sleep as I was so hot, I was out of bed at 5:45 and after a coffee I headed off to the lake. Bray lake this morning, the one I swam in regularly last year. It was just a 30 minute swim, so two laps of the 1km loop and I was home by 7:30! After having a quick breakfast, I headed out on my bike for a 1hr30 blast, which felt pretty tough, tired legs and tired body, made even harder when at around 1hr I felt my back tyre deflate slightly. After stopping to check it, it was a bit flat but rideable, I carried on, albeit pretty slowly. Coming home after 23.5 miles I felt pretty good. Quick shower and I headed off to Windsor to meet my friends Clare, Rosie and Clare’s baby Evanna for breakfast at Bill’s… soooo yummy! A food shop on the way home before heading to my friend Emma’s hen do in the evening. A big day of training on Sunday meant I left pretty early to get some well needed sleep!

Sunday started at 6 am, after a not particularly restful night’s sleep, with porridge and a coffee as it would do on a race morning. I did some cooking (not usual race prep ha!) and prepped potato salad for a BBQ we were having that evening before heading to Reading Lake for an hour’s swim. I managed 5 laps (~3.8km) in 59:58… boom! A quick turnaround and back home for breakfast number two of peanut butter and jam on toast before heading out for my ride… Simon came with me for the first 1hr30, which was great, and then I continued for another 3hr30. It was warm, and I drank A LOT, so had to make a pit stop at home for the loo and to refill my bottles. Food wise I had some oat biscuits, an Eat Natural cereal bar and 2 Mars bars, a lot of sweet stuff. I need to experiment with more savoury snacks as I found that amount of sugary stuff quite difficult to keep eating, a surprise for me! 91.4 miles later I pulled in, legs felt OK but the thought of the run that was next was hanging over me…

After a short lie down with the legs up, and a few gulps of water, I headed out for my run. Waaaaaay too quick to start with as usual!! The first 8 miles were all sub 8 minutes somehow! Then it felt like it all went wrong and the pace slipped to what felt like a total plod, but on review it was all sub 8:30/mile, which I’m pretty happy with! If I can manage that at Frankfurt I’ll be happy, I just need to learn to go out slower to preserve my legs and avoid the blow up!

So there it was, almost 8 hours of training, 107.8 miles for the day done. I have to say I was nervous about the session leading up to it, what if I struggled, what if I was a lot slower than I’d hoped or needed to be, what if I couldn’t do it… But as training goes, it went pretty much to plan! I felt strong on the swim, strong on the bike and managed to average 18.3 mph for 91.4 miles, which would be a 6:07 Ironman bike split… I’d definitely take that!!! And apart from the run being a bit crap towards the end, I felt strong. Finished off with a BBQ with some friends which was lovely, all in all a good day 😊

So stats for the week…

Swim – 13,158m, 3hr30min

Bike – 157.9 miles, 8hr43min

Run – 30.7 miles, 3hr57min

Feeling pretty exhausted now, but ready for what the next few weeks have in store. Ready for a lot of hard work, some solid training and hopefully seeing some results.


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