An Easier Week!

As I write this I’m sitting in Starbucks, post swim, having a latte and a few minutes peace and quiet after a busy weekend working at Blenheim Palace Triathlon, and before what I know is going to be a pretty manic few days at work! 

Last week was a slightly lighter week of training after the big weekend of training, which I was grateful for as I was pretty exhausted!

Monday was a bank holiday, which meant a day off that coincided with my rest day… perfect as I found it pretty hard to stay awake! I got up early as I couldn’t sleep (annoying!) and did some housework as the house has turned into a bit of a tip over the last few weeks as the training volume has increased… a long commute and Ironman training doesn’t really allow for much other stuff!

Simon went to the lake for a swim, which I was jealous of initially but as the day went on I was so thankful I hadn’t gone too! We took Zeus to Dinton pastures for a walk, which nearly finished me (and him!) off, so the next few hours were spent dozing on the sofa with him while Simon went out to play golf. 

Monday evening we went to see Baywatch, a bit of light relief, very easy viewing and a good few laughs!

Back to work on Tuesday, I opted to do my bike session before work which was lovely. A beautiful morning meant the miles went quickly, which they actually did speed wise too, for me anyway! Just over 24 miles in 1:18 😊 naturally this resulted in me getting to work feeling very happy with myself!

Tuesday evening we had a BBQ with our old housemates, Grace and Rick, which was lovely. Lots of meat, and the usual bananas filled with chocolate on the BBQ πŸ‘πŸ» not many healthy choices but pretty delicious all the same!

Another early start on Wednesday for the first Zone3 swim club! Ffion was there as usual but we were joined for the first time by one of the boys, James, which was good! The session was a bit of a killer… 30x100s off 1:35… we managed to come in under 1:30 for all 30! I was absolutely exhausted by the time we’d finished! 

Wednesday evening I had a run session to do, which in all honesty took quite a lot of mental strength to get out and get done… particularly as when I got home Zeus was giving me the eye as if to say ‘take me out mum!’ I felt so guilty as I went for my run! It wasn’t that great either in the end, my session was 10 min easy, 5×10 min at 10km pace, 20 min Ironman pace, 10 min easy. Firstly I only had an hour, as we were going out to meet some friends for a drink, so I had to condense it… I ended up doing 10 min easy, 4 x 10 min efforts- nowhere near 10km pace in all honesty, and an easy cool down. My legs just didn’t want to know 😫 my pace just seems to have completely vanished recently, sub 7:00 miles seems like they’ll never return!!

Thursday morning I headed to the gym before work, which was a bit of a waste of time really as I was pretty tired so should have just stayed in bed. I really have no structure when I go to the gym, so it’s always a bit pointless as I end up doing a few random exercises then wandering around and get bored so I leave. Oops! Anyway, Thursday evening I had a ride to do, and it was another real battle to get out the door as I was just so tired. I decided to cook dinner first and head out after I’d eaten. The second Hello Fresh meal of the week was orange glazed duck with potatoes and green beans, it was lovely, but not optimum pre-ride fuel! I managed 20.2 miles in 1:03, and felt pretty sick if I’m honest! Felt much better body wise than I was expecting though, which was a treat!

Friday morning was another lido swim, this time just Ffion and I… it was another hard session, the main set was 3 x 1000m which we managed in around 15:35 each, with a total distance of 4km. I was absolutely exhausted afterwards! A busy day at work meant that I didn’t get out for my run that evening, I just didn’t have any energy. 

I was working at Blenheim Palace Triathlon selling merchandise all weekend, along with one of the other girls from work, Natasha, who came to stay on Friday night so we could get up early and head there together. We got to bed just after 10:30, with alarms set for 5:00 for a busy day!

Saturday morning we headed to Blenheim, ready for a busy day of selling… I’d never done anything like this before so in all honesty I wasn’t really looking forward to it, mostly because I didn’t know what to expect, but also because it meant missing two important training days 5 weeks before Ironman… not ideal!

I was working with a couple who were friends of one of the guys at work, and they were lovely, which really helped! We had a bit of a mad panic to start with but once we knew where everything was and got a bit of  a system going it was absolutely fine. We sold loads of stock, it was flying! Awesome! We packed up around 6:30 once most people had left the venue, and had a cheeky pint of cider before heading off to a hotel for the night… I didn’t realize quite how dehydrated I was, it went straight to my head! 

After a pizza express dinner and a bottle of wine with Natasha we hit the hay ready for another big day on Sunday.

The morning came quickly, and before we knew it we were back at Blenheim, selling our wares! Not quite as busy as the previous day, but we still managed to sell out of pretty much everything, with a lot of people wanting to preorder bits for when they came back in stock. All in all pretty successful! I also managed to see a couple of friends who were racing and spectating which was great 😊

Blenheim Palace Triathlon is certainly one I’ve added to my list, it was a fantastically organized event which appeared to go super smoothly. The setting was stunning, with what sounds like quite a challenging bike course! 

My final task for the weekend was to drive the van back to Guildford… another first for me! It was absolutely fine in the end, I dropped it off at work and Simon picked me up and we went home via Burger King for a very naughty dinner to top off a week of eating absolute crap… it’s annoying how being exhausted makes you crave carbs and sugar. Back to the healthier ways next week for sure!

So all in all a pretty rubbish week for training, not much done at all, but an easy week in between two biggies isn’t a bad thing.

Swim – 2:00, 7800m

Bike – 2:21, 44.6 miles

Run – 1:02, 8.5 miles

Next weekend I’ve got another big weekend, so it’ll be another week closer to 16 hours again. Not long now!!


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  1. amandadunn1691 says:

    Your “easy” week is still very impressive!! Well done to you! 😊 also, how cute is your little dog?!?!? πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ xx


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