What a week… only 4 to go!

Well here we are, another Monday, another blog post, and another Starbucks skinny latte treat 😊 recovering after a very heavy week last week, and feeling ready to taper soon now!

Last week started with a swim on Monday morning, an easy freestyled set with a main set of 5 x 400s to get 3km in before work. 

As anticipated, last week started mentally busy at work, thanks to a lot of stuff left over from the weekend at Blenheim triathlon… busyyyyy!

Monday evening I went for a run with one of the guys from work, James, who was tapering for Challenge Herning half Ironman at the weekend. We did a good mixed session, 2 miles easy chatty pace warm up into 2 miles hard, followed by 5 x 1 min sprints with 2 min recoveries and an easy 2 miles back to the office. I was ruined! It felt hard but a good hard… and so nice to run with someone again! 

Tuesday morning it was off to the lake with Ffion and James. It was hammering it down… horrible weather and really chilly. None of us were particularly up for it in all honesty, so we did 3 laps (2250m ish) and then headed to Starbucks for a coffee to warm up! A much nicer place to be 😂

Tuesday evening it was still rainy and windy, so rather than risk coming off my bike and just generally being miserable, I hit the turbo… well it’s been a while! 1:15 later, after a main set of 5 x 6 min efforts, I dragged my sweaty self back inside feeling satisfied.

Wednesday morning I opted for a bit of a lie in, and pushed the boat out and had scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast… yum! After work it was back to the pain cave for another turbo session, this time 5 x 10 min efforts, followed by a 30 minute Ironman pace run (just under 8:00/miles) before a bath and a bit of dinner. Felt pretty good!

Thursday morning I headed back to the lake, a much calmer more peaceful morning meant it was gorgeous. I swam steady and did 4 laps, which felt great.

Admittedly I was starting to feel pretty knackered, feeling the effects of not having a weekend and going straight back into training, so it’s safe to say Thursday night’s optional bike session didn’t happen! Not helped by the fact that Simon’s sister and brother in law and their baby were staying, which meant baby cuddles… obviously much more appealing!!! I cooked dinner and we had a lovely chilled evening before falling asleep on the sofa… standard!

Friday morning I was up early, despite having annual leave, to get my long run done before heading to our friends Emma and Russ’s wedding in the afternoon. A steady, very comfortable 21 miles at 8:07 min/ mile… I felt the best I’ve felt running in a long time!!

The wedding was lovely, at a beautiful venue in Hurley, near Maidenhead, and it was a gorgeous day filled with love!

Saturday morning we had a bit of a lie in, I got up at 8 and headed to do the food shop, knowing I wouldn’t have any other time at the weekend. By the time I got home, Simon was just about surfacing! We had breakfast (bacon and egg sandwiches… mmm!), I made some banana muffins and tidied the house while Simon was doing a workout before he headed off to London and  I headed out on my bike for a 2 hour ride.

Well, wind in every direction made that ride slightly less than enjoyable! Still, I got it done, 37.5 miles in 2:06. I felt absolutely exhausted afterwards though, seriously drained. I had a bath and settled on the sofa with Zeus and a cup of tea and some chocolate buttons, where I quickly fell asleep! 

That evening I headed over to Corinne’s for a girlie catch up and movie with a yummy pizza. We watched Sweet Home Alabama, haven’t seen it for years so it was lovely to rewatch! Oh and the pizza was delicious!!!

Sunday morning was the day I’d been trying not to think about all week… the second big day. Argh! It started with a big bowl of porridge, banana, honey and a few nuts before heading off to the lake to get my swim done.

5 laps of the lake (pretty much 3.8km) in 59:22… and it felt fairly easy, get in! After a quick shower I headed home, another cup of coffee and a bagel with PB and jam, then it was time to hit the bike.

Well I thought Saturday was a windy ride, it didn’t even compare! I felt exhausted from the start, this was going to be a loooooong day. It seemed every direction I turned, the wind was there blowing in my face. I had a few wobbles when I actually thought I might get blown off. I had a few serious words with myself quite a few times, and it took a lot of mental strength to keep going, I’ve never wanted to get off my bike as much as I did during that ride. It sucked. Still, I got it done, and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? 5:02 and 90.7 miles at 18.0 mph average later, I was home. Nutrition wise, I sucked. I opted for more savoury snacks, but my body was crying out for sugar, I think I’ve got used to fueling off sweeter stuff, so the cheese oatcakes and pretzels didn’t cut it! I also only had 3 bottles of drink, which I don’t think helped matters much.

A few gulps of water (and a banana muffin) and I was off out the door for the last part of the day, my run. I set off at a much more sensible pace than last time I did a big day, but funnily enough the 7:50-8:00 pace felt so slow! I had to consciously keep slowing down, and the odd mile was sub 7:40- oops!

I’d already decided I wasn’t going to run the whole 2 hours that was on the plan, I was aiming for 13.1 miles. 1:42 later I was done.

A sweaty, happy, surprisingly unbroken Webb, after almost 8 hours of training I nailed a can of Diet Coke and hit the bath… essential! 

We met up with Corinne and Liam for dinner in Wokingham Sunday evening which was lovely. Liam’s doing Outlaw which is 2 weeks after Frankfurt, so we’re in pretty much the same state at the moment… constantly knackered, starving or mainly just a combination of the two. It was good to catch up with the two of them over some yummy food 😊

So that was, I think, my biggest week to date… and I feel surprisingly ok today, which bodes well I think. I’m starting to get pretty excited for Frankfurt now! Less than 4 weeks to go, it must be taper time soon?!

Swim – 11674m, 3:06

Bike – 152.1 miles, 9:31

Run – 46.6 miles, 6:10

Looking forward to some slightly lighter weeks now, but I know the hard work’s not done for another few weeks… got to keep focused on the biggun.


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