Almost nearly not quite pretty much taper time… 

Monday morning I went against the plan and headed to the lido for a swim… I’ll admit the early get up wasn’t actually that much of a challenge, and the swim itself was pretty lush. It felt great to stretch my achy muscles with a gentle swim and it was a gorgeous morning too!
The rest of the day was a rest day, in the evening Simon and I headed for a well deserved date night to a local restaurant, Milton’s, where we absolutely stuffed ourselves… charcuterie board for starter, bunless burger and aaammmaaazzziiinngg chunky chips for me for main and cheese to finish. YUM!!!

Tuesday I was working from home as my car was going in for an MOT so there was no early morning workout for me, instead I ran home from the garage and back to pick up the car which totaled about 5ish miles. It was boiling! 

After finishing work for the day I headed out on my bike for a 2 hour spin, what an evening. Initially my legs felt pretty heavy and as usual I didn’t start to enjoy it until about 5 miles in, there’s a small but deadly hill at about 3 miles into my usual route which gets me every time! After 2:09 I rolled home with 40 miles in the bag, happy with that! A yummy Hello Fresh dinner of a Sri Lankan prawn stir fry was good enough to fill us up 😊

Wednesday I decided on an early start to get my brick session done which would free up my evening, the 5:00 alarm wasn’t great but I quickly hoped out of bed and out on the bike for 21 miles, followed by a 4 mile brick run st 7:27 min/ mile average! Felt great 😊

What was nice was having a bit of time in the evening so I didn’t have to worry about rushing home from work, I got a bit more finished and then made my way home via sainos to pick up some baking ingredients to make a cake for one of the guys at work who was leaving… 

Ahhh baking, my other favorite activity 😊 

Thursday morning I headed to the lake, as it had been so warm recently I decided to have a go at a non wetsuit swim, particularly as Frankfurt has been non wetsuit a few times! I went in in just my trisuit, felt a bit wierd to start with, but soon enough I was loving it! 

5 laps and 3600m later I was done. It felt great, but non wetsuit certainly does make it feel further!! Oh well, I was happy with my 58 minutes ish…

Friday morning was another early start, this time for a ride as I had a hen do to go to at the weekend. Out the door by 5:15 I got a good 27 miles in which felt pretty good. To top it off it was a beautiful morning!

After work on Friday I headed straight off to my friend Lucy’s hen do in the Cotswolds, when I got there my first observation was how hilly the place was! It was absolutely beautiful though, a really well planned out weekend with a lovely group having lots of fun 😊 I even fitted in a run early on the Saturday morning, 12 hilly miles! I was glad to get it done before it got really warm, the weekend was a bit of a scorcher!

So 3 weeks to go…!!

Swim: 5649m, 1:34

Bike: 88.7, 4:46

Run: 21.6, 2:53

Distances are starting to drop somewhat… in ready for a taper now!


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