A Big Week… Perfect Timing?!

So Monday started the way I’ve begun to really enjoy, an early alarm and a blast on the bike. 22 miles in the morning sunshine done before 7 am = pretty perfect in my eyes! 

Tuesday saw another early start, this one took the record… 4:55am alarm! Out on the bike again, this time with Andy and Greg from Tri20, the tri club I claim to be a member of despite only ever having been to one of their sessions… ha! Anyway they’re both doing Frankfurt, and are beast cyclists, so it felt like an honour to get to head out with them! I gave it some welly and managed to hang on most of the way, apart from getting dropped up the hills- no surprise there! 

Tuesday evening was the first evening open water swim I’ve done in ages, I usually always do it in the morning! I headed to Papercourt lake near work with James, Ffion and her boyfriend Alex for a lovely swim. It was such a hot day, about 32 degrees, and the water must have been around 25… I went in wetsuitless, and it was lush! Apart from a couple of big patches of weeds, it was a lovely lake. Afterwards we went to a nearby pub for some food, it did not disappoint! I had a coconut and chocolate torte for dessert (accidentally vegan too) that was absolutely incredible! I think it’s safe to say we’ll be doing that again!

Wednesday morning I had an hour run to do, so I decided to head to Guildford and venture down the river for a change. It was pretty warm, even at 6:30 am, but it was the most beautiful run. I absolutely loved it, felt really strong as well which helped! I’m excited to explore more of the River Wey 😊

Thursday morning I headed out on my bike again for the final Wokingham ride as we were moving house on Friday. It didn’t disappoint. 23 miles later and I was done, hard to believe I won’t have the lovely lanes and routes I’ve come to enjoy so much on my doorstep anymore 😔

Thursday evening we went out for our last meal in Wokingham with Ellie and Ian. Prezzo was the choice, and it had to be pizza for me! Yummmmm! 

Friday morning we got up relatively early, showered and got dressed before packing all our clothes up. We had removals men helping with the move so all the other stuff had been done apart from the kitchen and bed dismantling. They arrived around 8:30 and we headed out for breakfast… costa in the sunshine 😊

After filling up on porridge and a MASSIVE coffee for me, and half the world’s supply of food for Simon we headed back and took Zeus for our last walk in Woko!

By 12 we were out of the house, all legally completed and good to go. We packed up the last bits, and after a minor panic that we couldn’t find my keys (they were in Simon’s car) we headed off to Guildford and our new home!

When we arrived the couple that we were buying from were still packing up, so we pottered down the road to the local pub for lunch. It was pretty tasty!

Around 2pm we ventured back down the road to see the sellers driving away. It was finally ours!! So excited to finally be a homeowner with my number one 😍 

In we went, feeing very happy and excited 😊 there’s a lot to do to the place, it’s an old Victorian terrace that’s had a lot of surface diy done… luckily Simon’s off work for a week in between jobs so can make a start. I think it’ll become my project post Ironman!

The rest of Friday was spent pulling things apart, finding homes for things and exploring. Our first meal was a takeaway curry… it had to be done!

Saturday was more exploring, tidying and sorting and the obligatory food shop, before heading to Ellie and Ian’s son Max’s 3rd birthday party… a group of 3 and unders, what more could you want on a Saturday?! It was good fun though and as always, lovely to see them 😊

We had our first BBQ on Saturday night, steak, baked spuds, corn and veggies on the Barbie… deeeeeeelish!!

Sunday morning we were up at a reasonable hour and headed down the road (a 10 min walk!!) to the lido, for Simon’s first Lido experience! It was lovely as always, despite being pretty busy. I had a 3km race pace effort to do, which I got done in just about 43 mins, not too bad considering the battles!

We wandered into Guildford Sunday lunchtime and had some food and a bit of a potter which was nice, before heading out for a run late afternoon. I ventured down the river again, this time towards Godalming (my home town), which was gorgeous. 13.1 miles later I was home. 

The run had felt good, but my dodgy foot had started hurting a bit towards the end. Nowhere near as bad as before, but bad enough to prompt an email to Suzanne at Optimum Performance to try and get some shockwave, which is booked in for Tuesday! 

All in all a pretty good week! Lower volume, but considering taper and a house move (which is absolutey knackering!!) not too shabby…

Swim: 5508m, 1:28

Bike: 76.3, 4:12

Run: 21.1, 2:45

So on to taper time… there’s quite a bit in my programme, but a friend said there’s nothing really to be gained now so listen to how your body feels and let that be your guide. So that’s what I will do!

I’m not going to lie, moving house is pretty exhausting, surprising how much it takes out of you. Even when you have a removals company to do all the hard work, I can’t imagine how much more exhausted we’d have been if we’d had to do it all… money well spent, and a definite if you’re planning a move soon!

Less than 2 weeks, I can’t believe it… I’ve loved the journey this time around and I will genuinely be sad when it’s over, but so much to look forward to!


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