It’s the final countdown… 


So after a busy weekend filled with house stuff, I was pretty tired on Sunday evening. Moving house is hard work, even with removals help!! 

My alarm went off bright and early on Monday morning at 5:00 (yes I thought moving 10 mins away from work would stop this silliness too) as I’d decided I wanted to do my brick session before work. I had a vague idea of a couple of routes, but I just headed off sleepily into the morning sunshine on the Felt. I headed out towards Bramley, then kept going down the A281 (quite a busy road it seems!) and almost got to Horsham before making a U turn in the middle of the road to head home. 

What can I say, it’s a fair bit hillier here than Wokingham! It was a nice enough (if fairly dull) ride, and I am definitely looking forward to exploring more once I have a bit more time and no specific sessions to tick off! 31.3 miles later averaging 19.1mph (pleased with that!) I got home and after a quick shoe change it was back out the door for a 5k. Nice and steady round Stoke Park and a bit back along the river and I was home. Felt good to have got that done!

Monday evening we went sofa shopping and managed to choose a sofa, armchair and footstool in the second shop we looked in… not bad! We also chose our carpet for the living room 😊 by the time we got home around 8pm I was happy I’d done my brick in the morning!

Tuesday morning I headed to the pool for a swim, a steady session but I decided to mix it up and added in 10 x 100 off 1:30, and managed the lot- happy days!

Tuesday evening I had an emergency visit to Optimum Performance for some shockwave on my feet. They always feel so much better afterwards! Suzanne said she didn’t feel the foot was anywhere near as bad as pre-London, so I’m happy with that!

On Wednesday I headed to the lido in the morning, another short session this time I pulled out the paddles, just for funsies 😊 I got a lift to work with Ffion and walked the 2.7 miles home through the park, which was great. It took about 35 mins which isn’t really too bad at all, I’ll definitely be doing that again!

Wednesday evening we had Simon’s brother in law, also called Simon, staying with us, so while they were cooking dinner I did my bike session in the dining room on the turbo! Suuuuper sweaty!! 

Thursday I decided to take as a rest day, I was feeling pretty tired, and decided to be sensible and listen to my body. Other than a 5.4 mile round trip commute by bike, I did nothing else! We went out for dinner that evening which was nice, just to ASK for pizza but it was yummy.

Friday morning I headed back to the lido for a little dip. Just a steady 1km followed by 1.5km to ease into the day, trying out my new Zone3 swimsuit… it was fab!

We had a BBQ Friday evening with one of Simon’s friends, Sam, then the boys headed for drinks in Guildford and I decided to stay home with Zeus and chill. I had a bath, and made some yummy banana bread and was in bed by about 10:30!

Saturday morning I got up and headed straight out for my easy 45 minute run, I headed towards Godalming along the road and looped back along the river, 6.3 miles in 49:30. Felt pretty good! Simon had made pancakes for when I got back which was a treat as we’ve not had them for ages!

After inhaling my plate of pancakes I ventured to Homebase to get some paint to get cracking on the living room! We’ve decided on a sapphire blue feature wall with grey on the other 3 and a picture rail with white around the top to try and give the room back some character! A few hours later and I’d done the first coat, it was starting to look pretty nice 😊

We had a chap come round to measure up for fitted wardrobes in the bedrooms, which ended up taking 4 hours… 😳 so not much else got done!! We then headed off to Simon’s aunt and uncle in the evening for a BBQ and to drop Zeus off with his mum and dad as they’re going to look after him while we’re in Frankfurt. Two weeks without my boy!!! 😫

After quite a late night on Saturday by the time we got home, we decided on a lido trip Sunday morning. I wanted to test out swimming in my two piece tri kit as I’m fairly certain Frankfurt will be a non wetsuit swim, and I can’t race a full Ironman in a trisuit… the loo stops would be too complicated 😂 so I swam 2km in my new Zone3 tri top and shorts, apart from feeling a bit wierd, it was absolutely fine!

After a quick change I headed home, leaving Simon in the pool, and headed out for a ride… I went towards Godalming and had great plans for a route for my 1:30 ride, however 6 miles in I lost the gears as the battery for the Di2s died… noooo! So I was spinning along, legs whizzing a million miles an hour and not moving hugely fast! 18.7 miles later (at a miserable 16.9 mph!) I arrived home and after a quick shoe change was back out the door for a fast (ish) 5km… 7:16min/ mile average felt pretty good!

After cleaning and tidying the house, baking a Victoria Sponge and making the place look slightly more presentable, Ellie and Ian and the kiddywinks arrived for a BBQ and fun in the sun!

We had a lovely afternoon, burgers and sausages on the Barbie, followed by a walk to Stoke Park for fun in the kiddy pool and ice creams. We headed home after a couple of hours, all feeling pretty tired! After some tea and cake the gang headed home and Simon and I cracked on with another layer of grey in the living room. 

After a nice soak in the bath, it was time for a bit of a chill on the sofa before heading off to bed. 

A good week, busy in many ways other than with training for a change! I can’t believe Frankfurt is so close now, part of me feels ready and part of me really doesn’t! But I guess that’s normal, I’m excited to race my third Ironman, as long as everything I can control goes ok then it’ll be fine. 

So taper week 1 in stats:

Swim: 9400m, 2:30

Bike: 52.6 miles (plus a turbo sesh), 3:42

Run: 12.7 miles, 1:37

So the training is done, time to rest and get some energy back before the biggun! Three days of work to get through now before we head off on Thursday… the countdown is well and truly on!!!


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