Race Week!!!

So here we are… race week is finally here, feels like it snuck up on us a little too quickly towards the end there!!

Monday was a rest day, which was fine by me as my legs were feeling a little tired after the weekend! Simon started a new job in London and a new commuting routine so it was good to hear all about that! We had a yummy steak BBQ in the evening before heading out for a drive (so middle aged…) around the local area, which was quite handy for scouting new cycling routes!

Tuesday morning I headed to Spectrum to meet Ffion for a swim before work. I walked there for a change, a beautiful stroll through Stoke Park, which took me less than 15 minutes! A very easy 1600m, done as 1000m, 4x100m and an easy 200m mixed cool down. Sweet, last swim checked off!

Tuesday evening some of the guys from work came to the new house for a BBQ which was nice, happy Simon got to meet my work fwends! 😊

Wednesday morning I was up early to get out for my run before sitting in to wait for sofas to be delivered between 7-10! Out the door by 6:05 I got a steady 4 miles done, felt really relaxed and comfortable which was good. It was a beautiful day which always helps!

I had a few hours to kill before work while I waited for the sofas, so I headed to the post office to pick up the new battery we’d ordered for my bike (which fingers crossed seems to be working…) and then decided to make some banana bread as we had some left over that were nice and ripe! 2 loaves done, one for work and one for us to take with us to Frankfurt! Yummy! The last day at work went soooo slowly, totally distracted as well I found it very hard to concentrate on much!!

Wednesday evening was spent packing, sorting things out and eating mainly! Salmon risotto for dinner (not my finest unfortunately) and pasta prepped for the road trip on Thursday. Traveling food options for coeliacs generally aren’t that great so thought it safer to be prepared! And more importantly, I had my race nails done! Turquoise this time to match my kit!

So Thursday morning arrived pretty quickly, the 4:30 alarm was a bit of a shock, even for me! But we were soon up, showered, caffeined and the car loaded up so off we went just after 5:30… Frankfurt bound!

We got to the Eurotunnel in good time and after a bit of a gaff getting through security we had time to grab some breakfast at Leon. Simon had a halloumi avocado roll and I went for porridge with blueberries and honey, yum! 

After 35 minutes on the train, we were in France! Off we set through northern France, Belgium, Netherlands and finally into Germany! With just one stop for lunch I was so ready to get out of the car when we arrived!

We eventually found our Air Bnb at around 5pm… a long day! After dropping off the bike and all our stuff we hot footed it to the Ironman race village to get me registered… easy enough process apart from finding the actual registration point initially!!! Once we did though it was done within 5 minutes, wristband firmly on and backpack at the ready we had a look round the merchandise and (obviously) bought a few things, there’ll undoubtably be more purchases over the next few days, a clever game those Ironman folks play!

We wandered around the city for a while, taking shelter in a coffee shop when the first rain storm started, before venturing to find somewhere for dinner. We ended up in a steak restaurant which was delicious! 

After a long day we headed back to the apartment for a chill and sleep!

9 hours later we woke up and headed out to find some breakfast, a quick trip to Aldi and we were home cooking eggs and bacon before you knew it 😋 this was (obviously) inhaled and we then headed off to drive to find the swim start. Annoyingly when we got there we weren’t able to get anywhere near it for some reason, so headed back into town and found a car park to leave the car in as we’d got a parking notice overnight! 

A short walk later and we were back in the Ironman village, where I bought a couple more bits and then met up with Simon’s parents. It was HOT! So we headed to a cafe next to registration by the river where we met up with some other friends also racing, Clive, Rhea and Debs, for some food and chat before heading to the race briefing at 4.

It was fairly uneventful as race briefings go, and after sitting sweating by the finish line for 45 minutes we were done, and it was time to reunite with family and go our separate ways. I met back up with the others and we wandered for a bit and found a cafe for a drink before heading our separate ways to get some dinner and chill for a bit before hitting the hay.

Saturday was pretty chilled, breakfast followed by a trip to the lake where the swim start and T1 is for a quick dip (130 for me!) and a bit of a chill before racking my bike and collecting my timing chip… all started to feel real now!!

Afterwards we headed back into town and met up with Paula and John for lunch and then headed off on a river cruise to see some sights! 

A quick stop off at the official race hotel to meet some of the guys from the tri club then it was back to the apartment for pasta, a quick catch up with my brother and his wife after their long trip from the USA then bed time!

One more sleep… 



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