About Me


Hi! My name is Katy, I’m 29 years old and work full time for a sports event merchandise and triathlon company in Surrey.

I’ve been taking part in triathlon since my first taste of the sport in 2013. I started this blog in 2015 when I was training for Ironman Copenhagen, my first 140.6… I started it as a way of keeping track of training as a sort of ‘diary’ but it quickly became much more than that, it’s been really therapeutic to document my first Ironman journey, so much so that I also used it to document my second Ironman journey towards Ironman Zurich in 2016, and again during the third round of training for Ironman Frankfurt in July 2017.

A runner/ swimmer by background, I stumbled across triathlon without really meaning to following a few chance encounters with some friendly BRAT club triathletes while living up in Birmingham. Needless to say, after completing 6 triathlons in my first season, and qualifying for GB age group at the European champs I was hooked!

I am a self-confessed sugar addict, so along with training I am trying out numerous recipes and methods to try and rid myself of the evils of added sugar!

I’m also lucky enough to have not one but three autoimmune conditions… I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease in 2010, which came as a bit of a shock as I had to totally adjust my diet to make it gluten free! I’d say that was probably when my interest in healthier eating began, although I tended to swap the normal versions of foods for the gluten free version which isn’t always the healthiest thing! Nowadays rather than buying cakes (that are no doubt loaded with sugar) I tend to make my own, and recently have started cutting down the amount of sugar I’m putting in my bakes, much to my Bf’s delight! Haha.

In addition to Coeliac disease I was also diagnosed with Hypothyroidism at the same time… something I’ve never really thought too much about. Until recently, when despite eating better and training 10+ hours per week it’s a real struggle for me to lose weight. I’ve recently started working with my aunty who is a nutrition advisor to see how I can shift the last few kgs to make me ‘look’ more like a triathlete!

As if that wasn’t enough, I’ve also go Crohn’s disease. This is an inflammatory bowel disease, which varies in severity and thankfully so far mine hasn’t been too bad. It does cause problems when I’m stressed or run down, which with racing and Ironman training can be rather frequent, so having a few boxes of Imodium on standby is essential! Haha!

Despite being dealt these three conditions, I don’t feel they affect me too much. The Coeliac disease is annoying and inconvenient but it just makes me think more and be more prepared with what I am putting into my body. I can’t eat any fast food (except fries!) which is definitely not a bad thing. 

Thankfully the crohn’s is fairly stable and I’ve only had one flare up, which was when it was diagnosed so fingers crossed it stays that way! 

And the hypothyroidism means tablets every day for the rest of my life, which I can deal with, it’s just the annoying inability to lose weight and occasional feeling of being so incredibly tired I feel as though I can barely get through the day… 

But these do not define me and I have shit to do so I get on with it and get it done! No point dwelling on things we can’t change!

I’ll give you an insight into my journey including training, personal goals and importantly, my results, right here.

Thanks for stopping by x


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