Food for Fuel

I love food. There you have it, pure and simple, I’m a foodie. Probably not helped by the volume of training involved in preparing for an Ironman and not to mention I LOVE baking, but it’s one of the first things I think about in the morning, and one of the last things I think about at night… And just about every minute or so in between. There’s a fat girl inside of me just waiting to be unleashed!

I’m a self confessed sugar addict, there have been (many, many) times when I’ve been known to devour an entire sharing bag of Dairy Milk Buttons, or Haribo, or a whole packet of Percy Pigs… Cake and biscuits are not safe either, aside from triathlon one of my biggest passions is baking. 

However, I’m lucky enough to have three autoimmune conditions- Crohn’s Disease, Coeliac Disease and Hypothyroidism. Woo. Lucky me. Over the last few months I’ve been doing a fair bit of reading (online, magazines etc) and it appears that sugar is pretty much the Spawn of Satan. 

Especially if you’ve got an autoimmune disease, or three. 

One of its favourite things to do is to cause inflammation, which is not ideal in an active endurance junkie like me. This only hinders recovery, making the next training session more painful and less effective. Not to mention the fact I’ve been experiencing random joint pain in hands/ wrists/ elbows and shoulders for the past year and a bit, which could be attributed to the Crohn’s Disease but I’ll bet it’s got alot to do with my incredible appetite for sugar.

So I’ve decided that following my most recent Ironman in Zurich it’s now time to try and drastically cut back on the amount of sugar I eat. 

I’m not going to completely cut it out because that won’t work for me, I know it. I’ve tried before and failed. So it’s more a case of reducing the amount of processed refined stuff and try to get the majority of it from fruits instead.

Armed with information from various sources and recipes from books, online, as well as working with my aunty who is a nutrition advisor, and trying different combinations of flavours and ingredients, I’m going to tackle this problem head on. 

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